Why Tinubu Cannot Be President of Nigeria


By our Reporters.

Honourable Abiodun James Faleke is a reputed business management and logistics consultant; as a member of the House of Representatives representing Ikeja Federal Constituency, since 2011, he has remained a shadowy figure. In 2015, he was drafted to contest as deputy governor in an election holding in another state—Kogi, before tragedy struck; then attempts to “promote’ him through the backdoor as the “new governor” fell flat on his face. Fate had intervened.

Had it been possible for that controversial arrangement to sail through, Nigerians would have seen a man who represents a constituency in Lagos crossing over to Kogi State to partake in a Federal election making it possible for him to possess a dual personality or state of origin.  Ironically, few people raised eyebrows. Honourable Abiodun James Faleke has been a mysterious figure since then. From the grapevine and open talk, he is fingered as the “Jagabans” main man. Jagaban is no other person than the iconic Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu described as the “Capone” of the All Progressive Congress(APC) party.

Abiodun Faleke has been able to sustain his powerful tentacles within the political big-league wholly because of his fierce loyalty to the Capone. That’s why today, it is not a surprise that he is leading the charge for his ailing benefactor to succeed Buhari as the “Khalifah”—that is the successor to the coveted throne! The “Honorable” “gentleman” and his political master are used to that type of controversial politics. Indiscretion has been and remains their biggest problem.

In trying to extend or “export” his evil politics beyond his Lagos base, no tactics are considered unhealthy—provided they win, whether by hook, legal or crooked means; it doesn’t matter. The Asiwaju’s biggest fortress had been the former chairman of the APC whom he helped “install”. That former chairman had ominously linked politics to being in the jungle. He also warned that playing dirty in Nigeria’s politics is part of the game. Together, they are masters in that area. Wherever they step in, if not outright doom, at least it is a bad omen.

For example, they arrived at Edo State governorship elections with a grim videotape branding Obaseki as a bad democrat. The Jagaban in that video urged the people to reject him. They did it in Lagos and succeeded. That unwarranted indiscretion is today a torn in their flesh. They may not admit it, but it is there—hunting down everyone that took part in that hara-kiri. That’s an example of what they can do to grab power. There was no respite, I mean they never knew where to draw the line. During elections, they deployed both orthodox and subterranean tactics to inflict pain on their victims. No strategy was considered dirty if it would help achieve their objective. Bukola Saraki, sitting as senate president then, tasted of their bitter pill.

He was hounded until he lost heavily to a minion in the next election. Such was the reign of terror unleashed on Nigerians that their very own party got fed up and promptly took the former chairman out. Remember Er and Onan in the bible. God had to personally “kill him” Onan because he was too wicked. Now back to Abiodun Faleke, Last Saturday, October 23, in Abuja Faleke was at it “begging” the Asiwaju in a stage-managed campaign to accept their pleas to declare his interest in the nation’s highest office. Like the prophets of Baal in the Bible, they cried, shouted themselves hoarse, but the Jagaban is yet to respond; he probably may not have heard.

His orchestrated opera is not unusual. For people like him, they have gone too far to notice the yearnings, the hue and the cry of impoverished Nigerians. They care less for the downtrodden; they are unmindful of the chaos in the political terrain, the fact that the nation is in dire need of revival. What matters to them is their selfish and opportunistic ambition—their private and endless thirst for money, power and position! Truly, Tinubu would have been easily elected as president of Nigeria because he has a lot going for him. 20 years of dictating the pace of governance in Lagos State, has seen him wield so much power and authority.

He rode on the crest of that authority to build influence, cultivate selective friends and corner many resources for himself. Unfortunately for him and his man Friday Abiodun Faleke, the Jagaban lost it completely in decision making and providing selfless leadership as explained above. That’s where his fame and reputation came crashing down. Tinubu took decisions that are only beneficial to himself and his family members. This attitude is inimical to the interest of the nation. His grim approach to power grab is out of tune with reality. Besides Tinubu is unaware that at a time in Egypt, a generation arose that did not know Pharaoh.

Tinubu will have to do more to contain the new generation of youths on the streets of Lagos. The simple truth in this concluding part is that Tinubu cannot be the president, firstly, because the nation cannot afford another Muslim ticket after 8 years of Buhari. That’s no longer democracy—but autocracy! Secondly, Tinubu has become a sitting duck since his man Friday lost his APC chairmanship position from where he—the Capone—pulled the strings. Today, power has changed hands and he is out—cold. Thirdly, like Don Corleone—the real godfather in the Mafia world—Tinubu has cultivated powerful enemies in the six geo-political regions.

Just like he never forgave, he looks certain to receive the same treatment. His own case is what James Hadley Chase called “The Double Shuffle”. Fourthly, he is not in good health and simply cannot meet the demand of that office. Lastly, he is above the age limit for the next president of Nigeria! He may not agree; neither will he agree to a forensic audit of his real age!  Afterall, Honorable Abiodun Faleke is there to show him how to manoeuvre—leaving his native state for another state to contest election while retaining a permanent job as Honorable member!