Who Remembers Auno? Now Zabamari: Elegy for the Departed


Auno village in Konduga Local Government area in Maiduguri. There, a few months ago, more than 30 commuters were roasted to death, some through sporadic gunshots by the crazy Boko Haram sects. At least 18 passengers caught by the 4 pm curfew imposed by the military were burnt beyond recognition. The nation was in shock—dazed by the level of cruelty. The fate of dozens abducted in that attack remains unknown. Now, still reeling from that shock, enter Zabamari—another devastating brutality masterminded by the same deadly sect. Victims had their throats slit and died agonizingly. Again the military was far—away on perhaps another assignment. Auno is 24 kilometres from Maiduguri while Zabamari is 20 kilometres. The nation is benumbed. The implication is that the enemies are so close—painfully. Eye witness accounts say resident now lives in fear, paralyzed by the unknown. And what is the state offering: relief materials! Lai Muhammed, the prolific mouthpiece of the government is silent. He was the arrowhead of those who harassed former President Jonathan out of power; today he is in charge. How will he be judged tomorrow when h leaves? For it is only a matter of time before that day comes. Time moves fast—faster than we think. That’s where the mistake is; Let save lives; let’s stop rhetorics and politics. The life of a single Nigerian is too important to be crushed just like that. Dereliction of duty has several implications; this is one of them—the Auno and Zabamari massacres.