Who Is Obaseki’s Real Opponent? Pastor Adams Ize-Iyamu?


After the primary of the PDP on Thursday, the duo of Godwin Obaseki and Shaibu will know who they will face at the September polls: whether Pastor Adams Ize-Iyamu or simply Pastor -Ize–oshio-iyamu. This is the riddle our reporters would set out to solve. Because it seems wise to do so after the stiff wrestling match between Godwin Obaseki and the fiery Comrade Oshiomole who rebuffed all entreaties to deal a hard blow against  Obaseki for his refusal to hand over the Edo State treasury; therefore he should be taught a bitter lesson.

When it was obvious Obaseki had locked up the treasury, Oshiobaba who remained undaunted,  produced his pal Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu through a Johnny Kwango—remember him?—style of wrestling , the same  man he had serially maligned – as replacement to Obaseki. Now with the formal recognition of Victor Giadom as the APC acting National Chairman, Oshiomole must be seeing the other side of how politics is played—gentle, subtle, wisdom and then hit the post! Nevertheless, this is counsel Obaseki not to relent but rather to shape up and correct whatever perceived mistakes he may have made. There is still time to mend fences.