Who are those behind Ambode’s ordeal?


Editor-in-Chief, Yochuku Ofoka Yobolisa

With the recent harassment of the former governor of Lagos State Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, although largely unnoticed, the time is ripe to ask the question: who is really after him?

Though no one has owned up, it is only natural that fingers point to a certain direction responsible for this dastardly act. There have been unreported accounts of security breach and threats around him and his family members mostly in the last six months.

This portends a bad image for our nascent democracy.

Agreed that he presided over one of the biggest economies for a period of time and left his position peacefully despite obvious conspiracy; he never abandoned the part of contributing his best materially and professionally to develop the State.

Why then are some people still after him, causing so much threat to him and his family? Lagos State is not the exclusive preserve of any one or unless it has been so converted without the knowledge of the citizenry.

Without doubt, the former governor remains one of the most productive governors the nation has ever produced; he is a leader who cared for his people while he was the governor

All you read in the newspapers was about a modern development in the State during his time.

For the avoidance of doubt, here is a quote culled from a visiting military officer during the former governor’s ordeal in the hands of Lagos State Assembly in 2019:” I was the commanding officer and in charge of 23 countries in Africa, helping the military in the area of capacity building; all you read about in the newspapers are the unbelievable developments taking place in Lagos!” This quote was from someone who resides outside Nigeria!

To this day, the former governor has continued to remain patriotic, living a humble and modest life. He has continued to exhibit sheer competence and leadership qualities contributing quietly to the development of smooth governance in Nigeria.

Perhaps, it was in recognition of this sterling quality in him that encouraged the Ruling Political Party of Nigeria to include his name on the newly created 61-member Contact and Strategy Committee to chart the 2023 path for the party!

It is not certain but as is being suspected – this new development may have thrown fear into the camp of whoever is afraid of the former governor’s massive achievements and sparked off this recent harassment.

Nevertheless, we are aware that the nation operates a democratic government and what the people desire is improvement and betterment of their lives. If they have someone in the person of the former governor who is ready to reduce their suffering, should they not admire him?

Lagos State should focus more on things that would drive the new realities and avoid petty politics and unnecessary distractions. This is the time to call a spade a spade. No personal ambition should be bigger than the overall interest of the State. Life is too sacrosanct to fiddle with.

There is more to gain from practising genuine democracy with the interest of everyone taken care of; Lagos deserves to move forward with all the resources they can muster. This is not the time to play politics of hatred. The spirit of tolerance and unity must prevail so also the spirit of fairness and equity.

Let it be known that there is no kind of justification in the continued harassment of the former governor –no matter the reason. If no one can speak out, this is the time for us patriotic citizens to do so. A man who brought so much development to the State should be embraced—not persecuted.

It is wrong for anyone who is aspiring for any position to see threats in others; the former governor has never interfered in the affairs of the running of Lagos State despite being a member of the ruling All Progressive Congress Party!

We should be mindful not to allow our obdurate ambition and pride to becloud our general sense of purpose. We must show responsibility and concern to the plight of others. We must also be conscious of those who exhibit extreme greed, avarice and incompetence, also those often in the habit of monopolizing public offices for private uses.

It is absolutely wrong for any one or group to resort to the use of social media to smear his name or use the anti-graft agency to launch a campaign of calumny against his person; this is not how to run a democracy; the nation is bigger than that and at a time the world has gone hi-tech, it is shameful that people exist who still play this old game.

Nigerians will not forget in a hurry the persecution Ambode went through in 2018/19 in the hands of the “strongman” of Lagos Bola Tinubu We are equally bemused by the entrapping’s of persecution ever since he left office. Just recently, the same “strongman” publicly declared that Ambode was taking Lagos State in the wrong direction during the official opening of the Pen Cinema Flyover, Agege, a project Ambode had completed 85% before leaving office and just one of the numerous developmental projects during his tenure. It is necessary at this time for the Federal Government not to take lightly threats from these callous quarters lightly.

We are using this opportunity to draw Nigerian’s attention to this new gamble and awake their consciousness for them to be on guard. No one knows what the dark elements are capable of producing next, but we call on all well-meaning Nigerians to wake up and take note. The former governor is a peaceful and law-abiding Nigerian and should be left alone! We are proud of his everlasting achievements.




Alhaji Rilwanu Usman Yakubu

National Secretary

Creative Center Against Mass Poverty