Where Is The Nigerian Labour Congress, Nans, As Harmless Protesters Shot?


The President of the Nigerian Labour Congress(NLC) Ayuba P. Wabba and his General Secretary Dr Peter Ozo-Eson have been predictably quiet–same as the leaders of the National Association of Nigerian Students(NANS) who have long compromised their oath of Office. Both leadership drive around town in exotic vehicles and pride themselves in the amount of cash they have received either as gratification or for pacification purposes. Neither feels anymore concerned about the raging battle currently going on in the streets by the long-oppressed and pauperized unemployed youths of the nation? Maybe yes, maybe not; the reason is not far-fetched. From the recorded scenes visibly displayed through the rampant social media, youths from certain parts of this nation are seen being chauffeured in flashy vehicles armed with dangerous weapons shouting “death to the protesters” and in almost all the cases inflicting wounds on those caught. A video that went viral showed a harmless protester being shot openly by the police. These are the same youths whose majority are endemically trapped in the vortex of self-induced poverty which has consigned many of them to demeaning jobs such as okada riders, kola nut hawkers, shoemakers, orange, cucumber and groundnut sellers, and if you like thuggery. Now they have an opportunity to join hands with their supposed brothers from –according to their myopic opinion—from the less privileged parts of the nation—to remedy the situation, but they are flunking it big way. 60 years ago, the nation attained independence; 60 years after, their leaders are out there ordering the shooting of unarmed civilians for protesting prolonged hardship–their right to good things of life; an end to police brutality, government insensitivity, incessant hike in social services—electricity, petrol, DStv, etc. The same people would later argue that there are no reasons for restructuring the country! Why? The answer is again not far-fetched: almost all the instruments of the State apparatus are under their control; this is why they are sitting ducks to manipulations by their despotic leaders who spare nothing to maintain their stranglehold on them; that is why they have failed to see the greater tomorrow, take advantage of the huge opportunities of technological advances; they have failed to imagine that they can be like China—enjoy the same privileges that modern life can afford and even become lecturers in Harvard University! Do you blame them? Their retrogressive leaders peddle all sorts of conspiracy theories; explain away harmful or tragic events as mere attempts by their supposed opponents to overthrow them; this is as cynical as it is erroneous and vehemently violates any reasonable cause much as it provokes our moral sensibilities. This administration was overwhelmingly elected to spearhead change–not wanton destruction of life and property; a government that defeated an incumbent president has steadily descended into something apocalyptic bereft of any popular support except those street urchins who regularly mouth flawed imperialistic slogans which in itself is a thorough minor for whoever are the harbingers. The rest of the modern world talks about building skyscrapers and befitting edifices; here, under a supposed democratic dispensation you hear of such inanities as some hopeful subjugation of a whole race in fulfilment of a nebulous religious concept. This is the whole question: Isn’t it laughable that long after independence Nigeria has refused to rise above patriarchal perceptions and instead is steeped in annihilistic verbose? It sounds simplistic but the perpetrators must be told in no uncertain terms that it is illusory just as it is wishful thinking for such hegemonic and racist ideology to survive these modern times. Rarely have this category of people thought about the reality of the world becoming a modern village such that even if they refuse to change and prefer stagnant policies, the rest of the nation and the world would move on; this unitary pretentious federal system is antiquated, outdated and obsolete; there is so much abuse of human rights and defence of ethnic positions rather than nationalistic brotherhood; in appointments, allocation of resources, citing of projects are strenuously skewed in favour of a particular section of people; and psychologists attribute finding a conspiracy where there is more to a form of cognitive bias and illusory pattern of thinking. If the government is reasonably pragmatic and democratic, there would have been no reason to go shooting at unarmed civilians; the identity of the soldiers who led the shooting though shrouded in secrecy can be predicted; this is the age of social revolution; where Nigeria’s ageing politicians are mired in certificate forgery and refuse to give way peacefully, the youths have gone ahead to produce among them first class candidates, ICT experts, engineers, scientists and professional consultants. The magnitude of knowledge at their disposal far out weight the number of guns available to holders of the machinery of the state. For how long they would survive? Difficult to predict; but in today’s world there are diplomatic consequences for high handed regimes; there are the International court and other criminal apparatus; if the crisis escalates because of insensitivity on the part of those who resist change, then there would be repercussions; suffice to mention that, gradually, the reins of government control is slipping away from the supremacists. They have to know this; The Armenians, the Aryan race; they experienced this; at a time we spoke of Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa; today in the process of time, they have eroded; as it was with them so it will be with the current situation in Nigeria. It will happen; it is only a matter of time. For those killed at the Lagos toll gate incident, they are martyrs and their blood will not be in vain. Blood has a way of speaking out; thank God that Nigerians now know the truth; Lai Mohammed has been a façade—a smokescreen to cover an evil and sinister agenda! Nigeria will survive. 10 years from now, the history of these current leaders will be case studies in brutality and deception. By then, hopefully, the Nigerian Labour Congress and the National Association of Nigerian Students would have been scrapped for being anti-people—and senseless.