Where Do You Want Your Kids To Grow? America? Here Is Chance!


It’s what you have been waiting for: an electric environment for learning, conducive education!  Epic memories, impressive and a big Hit for all kids!  Fabulous procedure and enduring learning streak!  These are some of the highlights Coast to Coast Chief Learning Officer Barrister Abubakar Yesufu is available for Nigerians!

What is it about?  You can now give your loved kids the opportunity to pursue carrier of their choice in some of the leading exotic schools in the United States of America – secured and guaranteed.

How?  Save money, take the advantage of joining the American dream; be linked to schools offering grants/scholarship for your kids.

Here is how it works: applications are made on your behalf for the preferred school of your choice; each school has minimal application fees.  After a successful placement and admission/visa gained and grant assured, then you will be required to pay the cost of sourcing-for the institution and ensuring your kid gets the grants.

Why the United States?

America remains the largest markets to absolve Nigerian graduating students in the new world order; and if no crime is linked to you, your chances of securing the Green Card remains bright.

Besides it is less cumbersome to stay in the US than it is in the UK for example.

Placements are mainly the private schools where you are given the deserved treatment.  And it is done twice yearly.

Students in year 10, 11 and 12 are the targets.  Those in year 10 can be prepared to start and continue their carrier from year 11; year 11 can be prepared to start from year 12.  Those in year 12 to Universities.

But your Transcript must have been analyzed and the prospective student interviewed via Skype.

Well over 2000 students have been put in various schools in America through our effort.

At least generous discounts awaits your effort as well.

With Coast to Coast, you get more value than obtainable especially in the UK.

More details will be released as enrolment begins.