Whatever Happens To The Spirit Of “I Belong To Nobody And Everybody?”


This is the big question hanging on the lips of the majority of Nigerians mostly from certain parts of the country is: What has happened to the spirit of “I belong to nobody and to everybody?”  They remembered too well this was one of President Buhari’s most captivating statement when he was sworn in as the new president of Nigeria. Nigerians across board heaved a sigh of relief that at last, here was a president that would not tolerate undemocratic practices. They held the view that this new president was going to be as pragmatic as the father of all. But rapid events that followed has since sent chilling fear down the spines of the same distraught Nigerians.  That statement that sparked off joy and celebration was capped last Tuesday, October 20, 2020, by a bloody suppression of youths protesting for their rights and assurance of their future. They came face to face –in a democratic setting—with the barrel of the gun that spewed forth death and destruction at the Lekki Tollgate; it was shameful witnessing such a cold-blooded suppression; soldiers shooting live bullets at unarmed citizens was the last spectacle ever imagined this century; if nothing else, that was a clear testimony that Nigeria has not progressed since 1983–held down by unprogressive elements; this is why the country has stagnated for long. Look back at the gale of lopsided appointments and sacks, there is every cause to be alarmed. “It is gloom, I can assure you; no one is happy?” said a leader of a Youth Vanguard. “It is sending the wrong message”, he declared. The leader, Mr Albert Aberuga explained that even if nobody is shocked, the string of bad records is there. Killing innocent demonstrators, initiating wrong projects, treating Nigerians with disdain are not aligned with democracy. “This is not a police state, but that’s what they are trying to do”, stated one Alhaji Ahmed Gaji.  He said this administration was elected to build virile structures and bring about the much-needed change in society. “But today, they are the harbingers of fear, terror and lies”, he lamented stressing that this administration is quick to retire others, approve promotion for their people, while also systematically allowing tenure elongation for their select few. ‘This is not what our founding fathers planned”, he asserted. “If that were so, how was it possible for Mr President to be where he is today?” Gaji is worried that the only thing this administration has been able to do right is appointments and promotions for people from certain parts of this country while destroying the values they met. “If this was the way the Tafawa Balewas, Sir Ahmadu Bello’s ruled, would they meet the Nigeria of today?” he asked. He explained that it was wrong for the nation’s leadership to abort the tenets of democracy and run a unitary and exclusive government. “You say you belong to nobody, yet you are aligning yourself with people of your region—openly”!  Does covid-19 know any tribe or particular names? Does any disease sectionalize? There is still time to put the interest of the country first and above any other sectional consideration.