Whatever Happens To “I Belong To Nobody And Everybody?”


This is the big question hanging on the lips of majority of Nigerians mostly from the southern parts of the country is: “What has happened to the spirit of I belong to nobody and to everybody?”  When he ascended to power, Muhammad Buhari stated: “I belong to nobody and to everybody”! This statement sparked off joy and celebration. But today following the gale of lopsided appointments and sacks, there is every course to reflect. “It is gloom, I can assure you; no one is happy?” said a leader of a Youth Vanguard. “It is sending the wrong message”, he declared.

The leader, Mr Albert Ukagu explained that even if nobody is questioning the motive, the man who is doing it should pause and reason. “At least we asked ourselves questions in our quiet time”, he added. Albert Ukagu stressed that there is no cogent reason for stuffing the Government with people from a particular section of the country arguing that they are bound to backfire. “If the aim is to give superiority to those people it cannot work, because intelligence and brilliance cannot be secured on the basis of nepotism.  “You have to read; you have to go to school, put away certain stagnant policies and then only then will you get results”, he stated. Ukagu observed that the administration is quick to retire others, approve retirement, while systematically allowing tenure elongation.

‘This is not what our founding fathers planned”, he asserted. “If that were so, how was it possible for Mr President to be there today?” Ukagu lamented that it is unfortunate they just assume that leadership is merely for appointments and promotions while destroying the past gains. “If this was the way the Tafawa Balewas, Sir Ahmadu Bello’s ruled, would they meet the Nigeria of today?” he questioned further. “Everyday appointment, the same set of tribes; why don’t they come out and declare their real motive? Why hide under any guise? Somebody who was popularly elected by the whole country and swore to an oath should know what to do.

“You say you belong to nobody, yet you are aligning yourself with people of your region—openly”!  Does COVID-19 know any tribe or particular names? Does any disease sectionalize? There is still time to put the interest of the country first and above any other sectional consideration.