Trump Discharged and Acquitted!


The blistering pace promoted by the U.S Democrats to bring to an ignominious end the reign of President Donald Trump has at last been halted by the U.S Republicans.  Voting by 52 – 48, the Republicans effectively threw out the “thrash” initiated and spearheaded by the vengeful Nancy Pelosi, longtime foe and Speaker of the Democrats filled House of Representatives. 

The historic verdict quashed the two articles of wrong doing and gave Trump a clean bill of health.  Trump has all along called the process “hoax” and “diversionary”.  Once the news broke out, Jubilant Americans became overjoyed.  It was clear that Trump’s acquittal was overwhelmingly accepted by the generality of Americans a blunt signal to President Trump’s impending victory at the November 2020 Polls!

And trust President Trump; in his State of the Union address dripping with concealed venom he lambasted Pelosi and Mith Romney calling them “horrible”, “terrible” people. What a way to end a circle of mistrust and blackmail.