Trump: Americans making big mistake-survey reveals!


Well, this is the news according to a random poll conducted midweek: the Americans may be making a big big mistake impeaching President Donald Trump! Thats the outcome of the poll which shows clearly that 65% of people believe that Nancy Pelosi was clearly biased! “She knew what she was doing; and she meticulously did it without the least emotion”, claimed one of the respondents interviewed. ” Nancy is clearly bewitched; her hatred for Trump knows no bounds; so it was easy for her to find loopholes and wham! bang!”, claimed another annonymous respondent. “She was sent to the House to legislate; but look at what she latched on: her enemy! ghoosh! claimed yet another respondent.” “What they did, I mean the Democrats was clearly off track; but that’s it; they should have been more thorough” , admitted another fellow. All said 45% od those interviewed believed that the Democrats have never forgiven the Republicans for the way they exposed Hilary Clinton; they reasoned: ” Oh well, common, we gotta have our revenge–and they did! Jesse! However 25% believe that Donald Trump undid himself by over reacting to circumstances; they say his use of twitter, by passing constituted authorities wasn’t fair and he should have been more circumspect in releasing information–including those considered vital to American interest. ” He is the President of America for God Sake; that guy got to be careful”, one of the respondents stressed. ” Yeah, he is the boss, right? but he is got folks working for him; look Trump carry’s part of the blame; thats what Nancy capitalised on.”, the fellow added. Today, America is in turmoil and they better be careful not to roll over to the unpleasant. “Trump cant be their sole problem; they, the democrats got to change, thats how it works”, responded another group.