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The message for Nigerians today is that there is hope.  Hope comes from above where all else fails, when human comprehension becomes warped, God steps in.  Right now, amidst accusation upon counter accusations against the brutal killing, blood-letting, serial murders, beheadings, communal strife’s, kidnappings, Nigerians tremble with fear and tread with alarm.

There appears to be no help from the relevant quarters; but am glad to say to you that God is still on the throne.  He never sleeps. 

The perpetrators behind these woes may have begun to concoct in their memory the supremacy theory of their origin or even flaunt their invincibility, but nothing is hidden under the sun.  Two scriptural examples would suffice to throw happiness into the hearts of Nigerians.  

 In 2nd Kings 19, and Isaiah 37, King Sennacherib boasted of his prowess and supposed conquest over the children of Israel.  The Israelites who were soaked in fear ran to God through King Hezekiah.  Following his intervention, the Lord sent a single angel who destroyed the Assyrians, killing 187,000 soldiers overnight.

King Sennacherib himself was later to be slaughtered by two of his children!  Judging from this, Nigerians should be rest assured:  These circle of evil pervading the land and their perpetrators will surely be defeated.

Second example worth sharing here is that of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The Bible says “The land was filled with violence” and God was moved to step in.  Even Abraham tried to intervene, but the Lord said if He finds just five people who are sinless, he would spare the city.  There was none. 

And at a common signal – in less than an hour – the Lord rained down fire and brimstone from heaven.  The fury of the Lord was unleashed on Sodom and Gomorrah; that singular act swept away the wicked acts of the agents of doom who wreaked destruction on the people.

Today, I make bold to say that Nigerians would be free.  No amount of intimidation, murders, kidnapping, robbery and beheading will deter Nigerians.  Sooner or later the Lord will strike.  Whether these dark elements like it or not: The end result is bound to be the same: destruction.  Nigerians will surely smile again-and rise from these self-contrived turmoil.  Amen.