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These are truly difficult times brethren; these are times that people tend to be confused, tired and perhaps hopeless. But  I bring you good tidings, our God NEVER changes; He is still the same: faithful and true to His Word.. The Bible has made it clear that in times of trouble, all we have to do is to look up to God. That means keeping Faith with him.

I admonish you please do not faint in these troublous times. A lot of confusing doctrines will be bandied about, but the Lord says “wait on the Lord, I say wait”. The promises of God remain the same: “That we shall live and not die”; this is the time to deploy His weapon against our enemies, particularly the current one ravaging the world-the corona virus- and pray violently against it.

We have been attacked and so we must launch a counter attack. Our most potent weapon at this stage is fasting; In Isaiah 58 verse 6, the Lord made it clear “Is this not a fast I have chosen to loosen the bands of wickedness? To undo burdens? To let the oppressed go free? And to break every yoke? Emphasis on the word “yoke”.

The corona virus, upon all the learned men, scientists, Nobel laureates have said remains a yoke; it is self-inflicted, a devils weapon and so it shall be defeated. How can a virus consume so many lives in a time of peace and not war? No wonder the powerful American President referred to the pandemic as “war”!

But brethren, need I remind you that God’s ways are not our ways just as His thoughts are not the same with ours. He told us what to do: Fast and Pray.  Remember Jesus said “This kind does not go away just like that unless by fasting and prayers”? We need to wage war against this virus; we need to go down on our knees and repent; the world was too full of violence before the outbreak: United States versus Iran; Iran versus Israel; Yemen striking at Saudi Arabia, Syria versus Turkey, Russia killing opposition candidates; no tolerance, just hatred everywhere.

Human beings turned God’s laws upside down, they began to marry each other; men versus men; women versus women; they even legalised abortion and dared God by opening a church described as “church of Satan”! This is sheer wickedness; under the so called pseudo name of banditry, kidnapping, fellow human beings openly beheaded men of God. This is sacrilege; even those who hold the reins of power began to rule with such brazen impunity holding a whole nation ransom!

They became demi-gods, idols worshipped as deities; they were no longer human, their word was law;  It is shameful for the world to waste so many souls, practiced witchcraft; we became deceitful even in worshipping God. How can we not provoke God? Now with only common “virus”, the world has suddenly gone silent.

The fear of the grave is real, and death is imminent. But the good news is that God is Merciful; brethren let’s turn to God in fasting and prayers; lets humble ourselves before Him;  From 2nd Chronicles 16 v 9, we know that “ the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the  earth to show himself strong in the behalf of those whose heart is perfect”. 

The problem now is this: is our heart perfect? We have done “foolishly” hence the corona wars. Therefore, lets depart from guile, deceit and turn to God; let’s fast and pray and the Lord will turn again the hands of this corona virus and we shall live again. Let us not return to our old ways and resume oppression of the poor; lets us live peacefully. Praise the Lord.