Tinubu: Time Up as Karma Set To Deliver The Harsh Verdict


By Wilson Omodia, Benin city.

Karma is a belief that whatever you do will come back to you, either in this life or the next. For some, this is not only deeds, but thoughts and words as well. Sometimes the consequences attributed to karma occur instantly, but sometimes the results can take quite a while to mature. For Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu nothing can be further from the truth. As two-time former governor of Lagos State and one-time senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, this political titan has done well for himself. Truly, he built Alliance for Democracy, AD, from the scratch and later the Action Congress of Nigeria, otherwise known as the ACN.

Asiwaju was to merge with the Congress Party of Nigeria and others to form what is today known as All Progressive Congress of Nigeria, APC. It is from there he derived the title of “National Leader”. Since then, Asiwaju has been the main man in Lagos politics. For those searching for whatever, his abode—bourdillion—is the “go to’ place. Over the years, he wielded so much powers as to have a say on who becomes what in Lagos State—including the governor! Once Asiwaju ascended the throne as the undisputed kingmaker of that coastal region, he became unstoppable—listening to no one but himself.

His word was law; he was the “constitution”, the “judge” and the “police. Asiwaju enjoys prominence and naturally wealth goes with it. Apart from moving in convoy of rare limousines, he flies in private jets and has huge financial war chest. No one dares stand in his way. For two decades this was so until he met Muhammadu Buhari, whom, according to him, he helped install in power. Now, this is where the trouble is: Asiwaju has grown so powerful in life that he forgot that anything like democracy operates in Nigeria. Why not? When he can sit in his bourdillion home and “bring people to power” in a democracy, to represent the “people” and go unchallenged; why would he not complain that Muhammadu Buhari whom he helped “install”—not elected—as it should be is not playing ball and about to dump him?

This is the issue. If he forgot that democracy is alive in Nigeria as well as the law and the constitution in tow, that’s to his own peril. Never overate yourself. But the intriguing aspect off this unfolding drama is that somewhere along the line the Asiwaju became puffy as was to be expected and began to trample on perceived weaker opponents. It was in this manner that in 2018, Muhammadu Buhari and some governors appealed to Tinubu to allow one of their own complete his second term in office. Asiwaju being heady and operating on cloud nine turned down their request. Scores of well-meaning Nigerians –VIP’s—in their own right stepped in all to no avail.

The “king” has decided and foreclosed all other results. Matters got worst when the young former governor begged with his wife for forgiveness; they got the same rough treatment. Asiwaju did not stop there; he made sure that he prevented him from becoming a minister and also halted his appointment as Central Bank Governor! By way of inflicting further punishment on the young man, he made sure that he was ostracized from Lagos politics. This is the height of wickedness! What a way to treat someone you had in your mercy! Well, the rest is history.

The young former governor was to quietly leave the political scene for Asiwaju to continue his imperial reign. Now, few years down the lane, the “generalissimo” is in need of something—a crown he says is the biggest ambition of his life! What an irony! What a paradox. Yesterday, he was supreme and his money could buy anything; today, his money has no influence in securing his ambition! It has been said over and over that power comes from God—not from man or money. Asiwaju is different from God in the sense that he may know the beginning but certainly not the end. He also forgot that unlike humans, the immutable laws of karma does not waver and can never be bribed.

Karma is so deeply entrenched in the spiritual realm that unless there are no deeds before reaction would not take place. Asiwaju had three years to make amends with his former god-son but of course, why would a whole “deity”, “juju-man” like him condescend to do that. That’s beneath him and well, the Yoruba proverb supports him in that regard in a way. However, popular opinion holds that Asiwaju would have been better off today with his former godson in his camp. Nevertheless, judgment time is here. As Asiwaju rants along with his confederates that Muhammadu Buhari is bent on denying him his lifelong ambition, Nigeria is about to free themselves from slavery.

Suddenly Asiwaju is now coming to terms with reality. It is now so obvious that the forces confronting him are lethal—and formidable. They are his “friends” and yet far from him. They belong to the same party but not in sync with him; the conspiracy is thick, like a fog, and unyielding. Looking closely, you could sense a dark macabre shadow laughing like vampire dripping with blood and dancing around the very ambition that Asiwaju wants. This eerie figure is not Muhammadu Buhari nor those who pleaded with him to forgive his godson; the shadowy figure is karma and it is surely on a definite path of mission.

In this deadly game of nature there is no reversal: Asiwaju’s ambition is dead on arrival, for Karma would certainly take its pound of flesh. This is the ways of karma. The lesson here is that we should be careful with our decisions in life; they are like thread— unbroken. In the process of time they will act. Should we then feel sorry for Asiwaju as he comes face to face with the verdict of karma? No one knows. He has already fraudulently claimed Lagos—as he always does– and now wants the presidential prize. This is where the cookie crumbles, Well, let’s see where the road ends!