Tinubu, Oshiomole; Karma Takes Its Course.


This is a time for sober reflection—not a time to rejoice. We read of retributions in history books and journals but hardly ever come to grasp the import. Today at the National headquarters of the APC a very powerful event held without the presence of two of their most revered echelons. It was like a dream, though forewarned. One of the personalities exhibited great characteristics—a leader by all standards.

He had spent huge recourses building people and generally bridges across the nation. He has style, panache and was tactical; the other lacks decorum and extremely combative and obdurate. Never mind if they forgot that Nigeria was in democracy, because the methods they applied to remove or install protégés was anything but democratic. At the height of their reign they wielded so much power—and influence.

They were courted by hundreds of office seeking fellows because they had the ears of the president. With the enormous powers acquired, they ought to help the ruling APC eliminate whatever vices permissible; instead they hounded friends and foes alike; they became imperial; and with no one seemingly bold enough to stop them threw away all sensibilities and began to trample on people’s rights.

Thus it was with horror that in May, 2019, a very popular and vibrant young man was openly denied his rights regardless of his superb performance and achievements; despite pleas, kneeling down and so on and so forth they never budged.

Then came another opportunity to redeem that mistake; it was again floundered! Obaseki—a sitting governor–was needlessly forced out of the APC by the cynical acts of one man!  This is not democracy! That is kakistocracy man, the heavens must have screamed!  And some of us believe the Angels must have added oh, common, that is not acceptable here before unleashing the laws of karma.

And so, just a little over a year judgment has been swift—and unmistakable: let us be careful of any behavior that is potentially harmful, deliberate, addictive or habitual; something on impulse that could end up being fatal. Today, watching the activities at the APC secretariat, I could only marvel at the tsunami that has taken place.