Tinubu and His Presidential Ambition: Discontent Brews in the Yoruba Land.


The Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu presidential ambition is right now tearing the Yoruba kingdom apart. The former two-time governor of Lagos State who has not hidden his ambition to rule the nation has lately begun to curry the favour of prominent Yoruba leaders, the latest being the Alaafin of Oyo who unabashedly endorsed his alleged presidential ambition. While all other prominent Yoruba leaders of thought are keeping mum, fiery cleric Pastor Tunde Bakare in a searing satirical remark come out to criticize those labelling the Asiwaju as a non-Lagosian, certificate forger, and serial corrupt politician.

He lambasted those who felt the national leader has no right to vie for the highest political office as armchair critics asking them: where were they when Asiwaju was consolidating and delivering the entire Southwest for the APC? He added that but for the Asiwaju’s dexterity, the Yoruba race would have long been subjugated. But in a swift reaction, the Vanguard for the Emancipation of the Yoruba race (VEY) has reacted sharply to the claim that the Asiwaju was doing all his best to unite the Yoruba race.

The group through their leader Chief Ishola Okongha dismissed the claim as puerile, vain and self-seeking. He contended that the youths were no longer in the dark about the tricks employed by the likes of Bakare and his irks to hoodwink the Yoruba race for their own advantage. “The wool they used in covering our faces has been removed and now we can see clearly” disclosed Chief Okongha. “It all a game “, he charged. “They will come out and pretend as if they are for the masses or the youths, but at the end, they become masquerades”, he added. Chief Okongha went on to express the desire of the youths and the new generation of Yoruba to see the emergence of new leaders particularly those who have performed so well and are currently being sidelined.

‘Somebody began good works in Lagos; we all saw it and they said he is a good performer but not a party man; they even said he deviated from the blueprint set for upcoming leaders”, he explained. “So now, it is clear that the blueprint in question is not to obstruct the personal ambition of one man as against the beautification of the entire State of Lagos.” that bright era was simply aborted because that Youngman would have completely overshadowed whatever is playing out now.

Nevertheless, Chief Okongha advised Asiwaju to retrace his steps and first unite his camp before venturing out arguing that for him to be a success, the plight of that aborted era must be addressed. “The youths are awake; our consciousness is alert, this monologue style of politics must be completely shelved”, Chief Okongha declared. For now, other constituents of the Yoruba race are grumbling aloud and trying to resist the attempt by Asiwaju to foster the old methods of politicking.

The Vanguard for the Emancipation of the Yoruba race has, for now, vowed to mobilize the Yoruba to stand their grounds and resist the Asiwaju and his selfish agenda stating that his interest lies not with the Yoruba race but rather for himself.