The South Must Rebuild Around A New Leadership—Group Advices


An Abuja-based professional group by the name Vanguard for New Nigeria (VFNN) has strongly advised that if the future of Nigeria is to be meaningful, there must be a paradigm shift away from recycled products. This advice was given at a symposium held penultimate week at the Federal Capital with the tag: “The future of Nigeria: Credible Leadership”. Speaking at the occasion, the Chairman High Chief Dominic Fagbohun warned that we should not be hasty in narrowing down choices of who leads the country in the next political dispensation, warning that the future is too important to be toyed with. He charged that only people who are serious-minded and patriotic should be allowed to contest any future election. The chairman questioned the motive for some dubious persons attempting to launder the personality of a former president who unavoidably threw the nation into the catastrophe now being experienced. “Have people so soon forgotten how trusted public officials carted away hundreds of millions of public funds who but for the probe would have escaped with their loot?” He went on to remind Nigerians about betrayals of our gallant soldiers at the battlefields who were denied weapons to fight and not to mention their allowances not paid as at when due? How can you begin to think of recycling such bad products to0 come and do what? The Chairman then advised that if the nation is not to be misled again, the political parties should look deeper. “The elites have damaged trust and confidence and only the foolish can trust them anymore”. The chairman pointed at the current looting spree nationwide as strong evidence of hunger and starvation, the origin which is definitely from mismanagement of the economy by successive regimes. “Now we need somebody, a gentleman who is firm and resolute”, he stated. “Since the presidency is heading down south, there are people with credible experience that Nigerians can rely on”, he continued. “One of them is Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, Peter Obi and maybe Nyesom Wike”, he said. “But I think Ogbonnaya Onu is the most experienced who will know what to do in times of crisis to put the country back on a proper footing”, he added.