The Presidency and The Expectations of Governance.


Most Nigerians alive today who are used to Heads of State paying state visits as was the case in the past are really amused why such moves are no longer an attraction in the present situation. “We used to look forward to the president visiting our state in the past”, said one Brutus Asapokhai. He went on to reel past presidents who made it routine to visit several states as part of their administrative responsibilities. “Whenever they are coming, children would line up the streets and wave flags”, he said. This obviously appreciative procedure has been largely absent in the past five years. In addition, Brutus Asapokhai also recalled with nostalgia the regular Presidential Briefings that Nigerians hear from the “horse’s mouth”. “Oh Yes, we will all be glued to our television sets as the president is asked no hold barred questions and you get an insight to his thinking”, he disclosed. Now, this again appears not to be favored in this administration. In fact, the last five years has given rise to presidential spokesmen riding the show and from their terse press statements, Nigerians get to know what the President is saying. “We cannot say much; but the fact that they are tinkering with the social media freedom and have even come out with what they call “hate speech” bill shows how much they want to preserve their own freedom”, said Brutus. Looking back, Nigerians appears lost as to what exactly went wrong. They remembered with glee the campaign drive of the President who had said “he belongs to nobody and everybody”. Not a few were sold on the idea that this time Nigerians were going to get it right. Now, development so far points to the reverse. With acute poverty looming, the romance –if ever there was one—is turning to bitterness and raising much concern. So much for a party that sold the idea of bringing “change” upon Nigerian!