The Killing of the 43 Rice Farmers: Matters Arising.


Predictably there is anger, rage in the land following the gruesome killings of the 43 innocent farmers in Northern Nigeria. The anger sweeping the land has also raised tension so much that members of the National Assembly are calling for the sack of the security chiefs. And why not; that’s what they are paid to do. But beneath the dim of the shameful murders are matters arising. Without resorting to mellifluous lines, let’s ponder the situation: just what is the issue at stake? What is the reason for the senseless killings? Who are these involved? These are crucial questions. From our own standpoint, the unfolding drama may well be beyond the contemplation of the security chiefs think. You ask yourself this: Nigeria is about the wealthiest country in Africa and if it is destroyed, Africa as a whole is in peril. This theory sounds good in the ears. We need to be extremely careful in jumping to conclusions. There are several theories, but what is paramount now is for everyone to come together for it is practically impossible for Northerners to be killing each other. Could the killers be outside forces? Rebels? Or are we facing some kind of tribal wars? The atrocities have surpassed what caused previous Nigeria’s three years of civil war; It is right to reason that we are still together only because of the superior knowledge available.  And if memories are still fresh, be reminded that all three Nigeria’s refineries have been destroyed; same has happened to Ajaokuta and Aladja Steel complexes. The Itakpe Steel Rolling Mill is also comatose. These are deliberate measure aimed at propelling the nation into an industrialized haven; instead, what is at play is the reverse. Factories have shut down, Industries have left and till this day the nation is still grappling with epileptic power supply! What used to be the envy of the nation—Cocoa and groundnut exports is practically dead. Now from stifling the industrial take-off, whoever is behind this systematic grounding of Nigeria may have shifted to insurgency? Suddenly Nigeria seemed engulfed in internecine wars. And the agitation continues; people are calling for restructuring and the talk of secession is in the open through IPOB, Massob or many others operating under pseudo names. If Nigeria is destroyed, Africa goes down; has anyone reasoned this way? Those calling for separation better know that Eritrea once separated from Ethiopia but they are now back. You may be rich in mineral resources but to survive independently takes more than can be imagined. It is in the light of this that “In the Light of the Truth”, a wonderful book by Abdrushin addresses eternal questions such as the causes and significance of the crisis facing humanity and humanities responsibilities to the future; he dealt extensively with what it means to be human and the purpose of life asking “what is all these tumultuous agitations? What exactly are humans seeking? And why are they restless! “What seek ye earthmen?” he questions. We are dealing with a complex situation and those who masterminded the death of those rice farmers may be humans but it is certain they have no soul! It is possible that those killings give them satisfaction and yet they seem invincible—operating as a ghost. Now you have rifles and you are poised to repel the attacks; but who are you fighting? Do we know the identity of those behind this? The truth is if we may dig deeper is that African Heads of States are wicked—extremely wicked. They have allowed dark forces to take over and plunged their respective nations into turmoil. They have no integrity and they will not hesitate to inflict pin on their subjects. They are masters of conspiracies; who knows what is fighting back? But happily, nature cannot be changed. Light is bigger than darkness. What can the service chiefs do in the circumstances? Dealing with spiritual forces may stretch you beyond expectations.  From 1960 to date, the nation has progressed steadily in the reverse. Who can travel to Kaduna from Abuja without fear? What about just “rushing’ to Benin from the same Abuja? From bad roads to insecurity; in fact, security men are even victims of kidnappers! We must all come together now—not as Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba. We must be untied otherwise risk losing our beloved country. The leaders must rise above ethnic considerations in appointments and practice true democracy. We cannot afford our nation to go the way of Sudan, Ethiopia or Uganda where the country’s leader who has ruled for 33 years and still kicking recently spearheaded the slaughter of  45 civilians who dared confront him. With population explosion looming and recession in the horizon, there is no better time to come together. We must not allow the massacre of the 43 innocent rice farmers to go unpunished. And up to now, no one has resigned or held responsible. This is not the type of culture that anyone should encourage. The solution is in our hands. Let’s take it before it gets too late.