The End Sars Campaign: Again, Left Wing Governors Stoke the Fire of Resistance


Long ago, Nigeria was known and regarded as Giant of Africa. Why not? The country had the biggest economy and was promising in all ramifications. Then were the days General’s Yakubu Gowon, late Murtala Muhammed, Olusegun Obasanjo, the late Shehu Musa, Alhaji Uba Ahmed, Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi, late Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Joseph Wayas, Alhaji Maitama Sule, the great sage late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and Chief Bola Ige to mention few. Nigerians spoke with one voice. As student activists, there was this “Ali must go” crisis which spread around the country and Nigerian students generally participated nationwide. There was no North or South divide. As young students, we all looked up to a brilliant future—one devoid of rancour and much internal wrangling. That “Ali must go” crisis which rocked the nation took place in 1982. 38 years after, and now a grown-up man with children, the picture on the ground is as dismal as it is alarming. When I looked up to see most Chinese cities like Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Chengdou, it is marvel,  the way they have crafted highways through mountains, hills; turned drylands into the flourishing enclave and built eye-popping skyscrapers;  I refuse to look at cities in South Sudan such as Juba, Yambio, Malakai or Maridi and their obsolete and medieval structures because that’s the same picture you get if you dare look at the stagnated growth of our own country– the supposed Giant of Africa, with the 5th largest economy this part of the world grotesquely held down and plundered by lethal administrative decisions, ethnoreligious instincts and eternal bickering for who controls power. Before now, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and even Rwanda dare not compare with this nation. But today, this generation of leaders have ensured that ethnic domination, political hegemony ranks first before any other thought—including technological advancement and structural development. Now as the #ReformSars demonstrations rock the country, isn’t it incredulous for a section of Nigerian students under the aegis of NANS condemning what is supposed to be a genuine agitation for police reforms? Is it not surprising for Northern Governors to rail against a long-anticipated systemic change for police freedom and brutality? Was this the country of our dream? The answer is certainly no! The rise of homicidal tendencies, killer instincts, social aggression and banditry are all manifestation of terrible leaders—a clear testimony that something ghastly has been presiding over our affairs. A country of nearly 200 million people rubbished by the same set of leaders who regularly rotate themselves –from governors to senators to members of Reps. Amid rising population, the country remains in darkness and cannot harness anything from new Solar or Windmill technologies; there is scarcely any innovation of any sort to fix or build new roads; this generation of leaders have plunged the nation into one of the poverty capitals of the world—and they are still not relenting! That’s why some Northern governors would come out to hold opposing views about an obvious deterioration in the society; they cannot see any reason for change because they have the wherewithal to “recycle” themselves in the society when their tenure expires. 38 years after “Ali must go” crisis, just take a look at this present administration programmes. They began with “7 point agenda”, on paper; but in reality, they first came with “Ruga scheme”, then “water bill plot” and now construction of new Railway line from Katsina to the Niger Republic; clearly these programmes can never improve the nation; there is absolutely nothing “7 points” about them; this shows that government actions are clearly anti-people and negative—all a ruse. But the scrap the SARS campaign would go on; the youths have exhausted their patience; who would blame them? Look at the circus show going on in NASS where fewer than 500 insensitive people budget 125 billion for themselves while the rest of the populace survive on a paltry 40 something billion! The Northern governors must turn a new leaf; the world has moved on from analogue to the digital stage; it is no longer possible to live in isolation. Social media is here to expose their corrupt and murderous activities. No matter what they do: they will be exposed. Time will change this archaic method of casting ballots—never mind whether they have refused to accent the new electoral bill; electronic voting does not lie; even crude oil would extinct; the same as a referendum—or restructuring. Very soon electric cars would be in vogue; banking is already online; that’s how quota system would vanish, ethnic hegemony too. The time is already here. Whether they agree to change or not; whether they roll out army tanks or not, the time is here.