Stop flouting civil service rules, group tells the Accountant -General


A group called the Association for Modern Democracy has called on the Accountant -general of the Federation Alhaji  Ahmed Idris to respect the public s3rvice rules and leave the office. The group warns that the level of impunity should not be tolerated and suggested to the Union members to take legal measures to put an end to this stand-off. “How do you attain the age of 60 and refuse to exit the office because you have connections?”, questioned staff of the AGF in Abuja. “This is setting a bad example and castrating professionalism”, he added. “Even he wants to stay for another 22 years, time will still catch up with him”, the staff who prefers to speak on condition of anonymity explained. The AGF who attained the mandatory age of 60 in June 2020 has continued to remain in the office working mostly at nights. There is no word yet from the presidency probably because Idris had worked with the president in his days at the PTF under Abacha regime.