South Africa: Again, Protesters Rise as Calm Returns to Lagos.


Amidst the flurry of diplomatic quest for solution over the on-going xenophobic attacks in South Africa, armed protesters have stormed the streets of Johannesburg demanding the departure of foreigners. The attack started from the Yeovile area.

The marchers wielded weapons such as knobkerries as they headed to Jules Park where a notable Zulu politician Mangosuthu Buthlezi was to address them. But in a swift reaction, African foreigners from different countries have come out ready to stand together and fight the citizens.

Though calm has returned to Lagos, news reports reaching the newspaperman suggest that at least 5000 jobs may have been lost due to the reprisals attack. While the Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has promised to engage stakeholders in robust consultation to prevent future reoccurrence, President Buhari is expected to head to South Africa next month for round table talks.

Meanwhile 400 Nigerians have indicated their interest to return home following the xenophobic attacks. Air-Peace has offered to airlift those willing to return home free of charge.