Soba Out, Salamatu In at Federal Loans Board.


The battle of wits between Muhammed Soba, currently acting Executive Secretary and Hajia Salamatu Ahmed, next most senior director at the loans Board, as to who succeeds the former Executive Secretary of the Federal Loans Board, Hajia Mrs. Hannatu Fika has at last come to an end with the directive by the Federal Government to Muhammed Soba to go on compulsory leave prelude to his retirement! Mohammed Soba had previously been penciled to retire by February 2020 but mysteriously expanded it to April. As if that was not enough, no sooner he was named the acting executive secretary that he proceeded to undo what Hannatu Fika had established. He even attempted to transfer Hajia Salamatu from her position, but she stood her grounds insisting that the decision was improper. That was the signal for Hajia Mrs. Hannatu Fika to strike. Using her extended connections at the villa, Hajia Hanntu Fika swung into action and the result is now the forced exit of Muhammed Soba. Hajia Salamatu Ahmed has been her favorite and now she is set to take over the prime Federal Institution. Muhammed Soba had drawn the ire of Estate Developers by refusing to pay any and instead tried to probe past activities. During his short reign, Subscribers had suffered unbearably leading to untoward hardship. Salamatu , according to insiders is the woman to to take the Loans Board to the next level.