Shut Up! Group Tells Lagos Apc Chairman


The Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress, Alhaji Tunde Balogun has been told to keep his mouth shut and face more pressing issues.

Speaking in Abuja, two Rights Group, the South-East Professional Association and the Northern Youth Forum reacted angrily to the remarks credited to the Party Chairman on why Ambode was denied second Term ticket.

Alhaji Sulaimon Dauda, President of the Northern Youth Forum charged Alhaji Balogun to be of good conduct and learn to live in peace.  The President told the APC Chairman that they were not the ones that denied Ambode the ticket, instead, Ambode, being a man of peace, held that it was needless contesting what was not necessary.  “Ambode could have gotten the ticket no matter the resistance” he stated.  “He was in charge; he had all the apparatus; and could have muscled his way successfully” he said. The President expressed happiness that in Ambode, they had a visionary who placed the interest of Lagosians above his own and as such elected not to join issues with them.

On his path, Mr. Kenneth Okoh, Secretary-General of the South-East Forum told Alhaji Balogun to forget about those charlatans working under Ambode and pretended to ditch him at the last minute.  “They could have all been sacked and replaced; none was indispensable; they merely acted to the gallery”, said Mr Okoh. He reminded the so-called APC boss further:  “This is democracy, it is not war; Ambode place more value on the sanctity of life and property. 

He is also a loyal and committed Party man”, he stressed.  “So don’t expect him to fight for mundane things like others do”, he added. “So he should stop saying they rejected him; to the contrary, Ambode relaxed because he wanted peace, period”, he concluded.