Shut Up! Forum Tells Ambode Antagonists.


The members of the so-called Lagos Peace Movement (LPM) and the Lagos Youth Vanguard (LYV) have been carpeted for their anti-Ambode stance. Both amorphous groups believed to be a product of sponsorship by some vindictive and retrogressive politician, recently staged an unnecessary demonstration at the Lagos State House of Assembly demanding for the probe of Ambode’s administration.

Their grouse which also came under question and also treated with disdain by the House and broad section of lagosians whose lives were touched positively by the Ambode administration drew the ire of the Northern Youths operating under the aegis of the Northern Youths Forum (NYM) who has now challenged them to a duel.

Answering questions in Kaduna from our reporters, the Forum’s National Secretary Malam Nuhu Ishiaku described their actions as largely misguided and diversionary. “These people should stop being teleguided; they should focus more cementing the unity of the Yoruba’s rather than fan disunity”, he stated. Malam Ishaiku posited that it was a wrong for the so-called renegades to allow themselves to be used as cannon fodders to impugn an exemplary character like Mr Ambode who devoted all his efforts in making Lagos a decent place.

“Ambode is a complete gentleman and we in the North have full respect for him; he has proved his mettle and no matter the attempt to disparage him, he will continue to receive our support”, Ishiaku pointed out.

The Forum boss expressed confidence that Mr Ambode will soon bounce back as the nation need people like him to move forward. Malam Nuhu advised the masquerade’s to channel their energy in helping to promote peaceful co-existence and stop chasing shadows. “Nobody is going to probe Ambode and we stand by our words”, Nuhu said.

The All Progressive Congress, Lagos State branch are however non-committal preferring instead to pursue a different course. Ambode has remained silent since his handover and his popularity has undoubtedly soared.