Setback for Nigerian Youths as Group Bashes Them for Incompetency


This is not good news for Nigerian youths. Arising from the heat of the #ENDSars Campaign which truncated movements nationwide and unfortunately hijacked by hoodlums, a certain group named Movement for the Consolidation of Democracy (MFCD) has blasted them for incompetency, indolence, and criminality. The group in a statement received by the Newspaperman castigated the Nigerian Youths for being too flashy, temperamental, and cheap. The statement branded the Youths as very unserious, materialistic, and shortsighted.  The statement noted that the average Nigerian Youth is too fashion inclined and after quick wealth. The statement further observed that Nigerian Youths are also guilty of being mannerless and untrustworthy. “They cannot hold responsible positions in government unless they are properly trained”, read a portion of the statement.  Meanwhile, following the Newspaperman interviews across the nation, a lot of revelations were unearthed; first, it was discovered that the Nigerian youths are not properly blended; secondly, they seem too aloof from reality as though living in a fantasy. The Newspaperman also discovered that most of them are too focused on modern-day gadgets such as Android phones, iPhone, Earphones, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. ‘You cannot build a virile nation when you are addicted to these gadgets”, said a source close to a leading consulting agency. “When the youths say they want to take over power in 2023, where is the solidarity?”, the source questioned. “Ask them anything, and they will tell you “I Don’t Know”, which is incredible, the source added. The Newspaperman further discovered that the majority of Nigerian youths do not believe in themselves. “They are more like copycats who envy each other”, said the same source. “If they are to be taken seriously, they have to change from their present disposition”, the source concluded.