Senator Oyofo must lead PDP in Edo State-Group


Frontline leaders within Edo State politicals circles are andling for two time senator Victor Kassim Oyofo to emerge as leader of the Ppeoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Edo State. The leaders under the aegis of League of Patriotic Citizens are confident that with senator Oyofo’s leadership, PDP would get back to reckonng having been destroyed by erstwhile leadership. “Senator Oyofo is stable, focused and contented; such a man would ensure probity, transparency and cordiality”, stressed comrade Erastus Adonijie. ” At this time of political rebuilding, what we need is trust; those who had been at the helm and now decamped to APC have not shown faith; they lacked maturity and no wonder when the chips were down they ran away”< Comrade Erastus continued. His clleagues were also at the same page insisting that senator oyofo has won thier trust. “Thats the new man to stabilize the floundering ship”, they volunteered. “Let no man be deceived ; the politics played by Dan Orbih and his irks was really backward and should be condemned”, they added.