Senate N37billion Proposed Spending: Nigerians Enraged.


Nigerians are visibly enraged about the proposed plans by the senate to spend a hefty N37 billion for renovation of their already glamorous office complex. More annoying is the attempt by the senate President to draw President Buhari into the fray by claiming he is aware of it.

The Senate, again, in addition, incurred the wrath of Nigerians by also claiming in a recalcitrant tone: there is no going back! “These are people elected to serve us, it is a shame that they can conceive something like that”, howled one Isaac Eboigbe, a resident of Benin. ‘They can’t do this to us”, raved another fellow called Ambrose Eboreime from Ekpoma.

Alhaji Bello Makama from Abuja was livid with rage stressing that 37 billion would fix Abuja-Lokoja Highway without much ado and hundreds of lives would be saved. Malam Ishiaku was not impressed one bit; with a wave of hand he stated brusquely: “They can do their worst; but if they have any sense of guilt, they better channel that money to remodel the Abuja-Kaduna Highway”.

From Onitsha, came the report that traders themselves are pissed off by the strange request by senate asking; “what sort of people are they? Don’t they have families? Don’t they care for the future?”

But the rights group in Lagos by the name “Committee for Good Governance” suggested that the senate should be scrapped. “It’s time for them to go; they are an aberration to Nigerians”, they stressed.

Others voiced separately: “that’s an unpopular decision and President Buhari should stand it down”; “Have they fixed the notorious Okpella-Okene-Benin Highway? “These senators pride themselves in wearing the biggest agbada outfit; they also pride themselves in driving the biggest jeep, is that development? queried another Ibrahim Daku from Kaduna.