Sectional Hegemony: Myth or Real?


Certainly the picture unfolding before us now is that of gloom and the challenges of the lopsided appointments being carried in Nigeria. Under the current administration this appears to have gotten worse.  Nevertheless, no one actually knows the coming realities or implications of these sinister adventures. Everybody is just crying nepotism; but there are growing fears that a secret agenda is being perfected.

No one knows the truth. But daily promotions, appointments, dismissals plus extension of services and sack skewed against a section of the country only portends evil and lend credence to consolidation of that part of the favoured country’s interest. Hegemony! That’s what is unfolding. Again, no one knows the reason. If the rest of the world is moving the way of development and technological advancement and here, we have an unwritten policy tainted towards retrogression, it is absolutely unbelievable.

Previous regimes never toed this path; infact, many of the present leaders who benefitted from the normal system set in place by the colonial powers which made it possible  for some of them to hit limelight at very tender ages—27, 32, 36,—are the very ones paradoxically  reversing the trend—and pushing  the nation down the  precipice.  But no matter how well conceived—it is bound to backfire; for beneath their dubious plans lies an endless tunnel of darkness.

That’s how nature works. Soon, it will establish its supremacy over and above petty ethno-religious considerations. Is the sky no longer above? Look up from any corner of the world; you will see the clouds above. That’s why there are no more secret plans; none as long as the sky is up there!