Scrap Vehicle Inspection Unit Now – Group Insist


Vehicle Inspection Officers, otherwise known as VIO have come under heavy attack.  Speaking at a Civic reception, the Chairman, Committee for Transparency, a non-governmental organization, Dr Godwin Igbinosa descended heavily on the dreaded institution calling them “decadent”.  The Chairman described their attitude as “negative”, “backward” and “outdated”.  “How can they since all these years not adapt to modern strategies?” he questioned.

The Chairman blasted their crude tactics of crowding the road, blocking motorists, causing severe obstruction and embarrassing car owners.  “This is shameful; unacceptable and must not be allowed to continue”, Dr Igbinosa charged.  He said, if they have to continue searching for relevance, they must find better ways of checking for particulars or be scrapped. 

The Chairman noted that the rest of the world has moved on but here, in Nigeria, they remain stagnant thriving on the same antiquated methods of checking vehicle particulars. 

“We have BVN; NIM; Drivers license, other biometric identification methods, yet VIO’s remain mired in old controversial methods.

Dr Igbinosa spared no efforts in calling on the government to scrap the entire outfit as they have outlived their usefulness.  “Since they have refused to change, they should be scrapped”, he charged.  The Chairman urged the Federal Government to put an end to their negative approach or send them for proper training.

“They lack etiquette; they are out of tune with modern realities”, he concluded.