Scrap Senate Calls Increases


The Right Group Committee for Transparency and Smooth Governance (CTTSG) has again called for the scrapping of the Senate and House of Representatives.

The group through a statement signed by its Secretary-General Chief, Ebri Ukagu disclosed that their usefulness has been outlived.

Chief Ukagu disclosed that the call is necessary especially when viewed against the ominous silence of the both Chambers in the gruesome murder of the Kogi State woman leader who was burnt to ashes.

Chief Ukagu observed that both Chambers have refused to carry out oversight function over the dire state of Nigerian roads.  “All they are after is their welfare, and this is totally wrong”, charged Chief Ebri.  “You can see that they have neglected the roads; neglected power failure and even social welfare responsibilities to Nigerians”, he added.

However, from physical and statistical observation, it is clear that the Red and Green Chambers only come alive when matters of their personal interest are being discussed.  “There is no where they have shown that they are for the people”, stated Ebri.

The Secretary-General declared that it is based on these repeated anomaly that his group wants the Chambers to be scrapped.  “We cannot (Nigerians) continue to bear the burden for their profligacy and short sightedness”.