Sack Akpabio, Cairo Ojougbo Now, Youths Tell Buhari


Youths under the aegis of the Niger Delta Volunteer Association of Artisans (NDVAA) have called on President Muhammad Buhari to immediately scrap the NDDC Interim Management Board for dragging the image of the Commission and the region into disrepute. The group in a statement signed by its President and General Secretary respectively described the invidious acts of the Akpabio led IMC as not only shameful but disgusting.

The group said it was pitiable watching otherwise responsible adults labour in vain to defend themselves to no avail. “The whole world saw that they were caught in a web of lies like a rat trapped”, the statement read. “They never imagined that their betrayal and conspiratorial acts would be exposed”, the statement read further.

The Niger Delta Minister and the IMC had paid themselves unbelievable  Covid-19 allowances running into hundreds of millions; in addition, they cleverly dipped their dirty hands into accounts meant for foreign students and cleared the entire sum not minding whether the students wallow in starvation or not. “These are people who parade themselves openly as responsible citizens but in actual fact are more dangerous like wild animals”, the statement noted.

They, therefore, called on President Buhari to immediately order their arrest and save Nigerians further psychological trauma. “They are not fit to hold public office; Akpabio himself has overreached himself”, said the statement. They also questioned the eligibility of Cairo Ojougbo for such a high position when he was, in fact, the one who cooperated with then Amodu Sheriff to plunge the PDP into turmoil. “He should be cooling his heels in the prison” concludes the statement.

Since inception, the NDDC has been used, raped and dumped serially by almost all the appointed leaders leaving the region in a sorry state of sickness, hunger, deprivation, strife and poverty while the leaders escape with their loot, mansions, luxury and opulence in foreign lands.