Rights Group Warns Against Rising Impunity in Governance Says Leaders Must Sit Up


The Committee for Transparency and Accountability has come out harshly to criticize rising impunity in governance and warns those in the habit to desist from such acts. The group was particularly incensed by the recent remarks of a former governor of Zamfara State who bared his intention to contest for the presidency of the land despite the existing zoning policy; the man stoutly defended his intentions by claiming that that practice was no longer tenable. The former governor famous for his introduction of sharia practice and marriage of a teenage girl made this known in Abuja, amidst rising tension in the land and insecurity. But in a sharp rebuke, the Committee for Transparency and Accountability charged that  “It would seem as though some people are intent on holding on to power regardless of the precarious situation in the land”, the Committee observed.

Truly, the committee noted the brazen and daring attempt by the current administrators to give undue advantage to a particular set of tribe by handing out virtually every available appointment to them as petty, cheap and unhelpful. “A whole country elects somebody, and he turns around to neglect the others in open daylight; what do you call such a person?” The committee regrets this negative trend and wonders why such a thing can actually be contemplated by any reasonable person.

The committee also describes the situation as one that lacks integrity and moral character. “Only people who have no moral principles can ply that trade regardless of what happens to the country”, the committee stated. As the country glides slowly towards the 2023 general elections, there are growing feelings that if not properly tackled, insecurity and insurgency may ruin the chances of smooth elections. At the moment, kidnapping, banditry and terrorism appear to be gaining the upper hand and it is as much the current administration could do about it.

Political observers are of the view that all hands should be on deck to handle the situation properly pleading that the security of the nation should come first. “Let no one be deceived that by sectionalizing political appointments there is no advantage whatsoever to be gained”, said the statement.