Rights Group Condemns Assembly Stance On Ambode


The Northern Youth forum has flatly condemned the Lagos State House of Assembly stance against former Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, calling it witch-hunt and abuse of powers.

The Forum blasted the House Speaker Obasa for allowing himself to be used as a “betrayer” and branded the other elected members as jobless.

Speaking to Journalist in Kaduna, Mallam Nuhu Ishiaku lashed out at the Assembly members for playing party politics with the lives of Lagos State indigenes and diverting from their oath of office.

The Secretary –General denounced their action insisting that Nigerians are not blind. “They wanted Ambode to share the Paris fund money with them and he refused that’s why they say he is not a party man”. Mallam Nuhu reminded the Assembly men to thread with caution; Said He: “they think Ambode has no support base; but they are wrong; we will show them what it means to have a transparent leader like him’

Mallam Nuhu described   the proposed Warrant of Arrest threat against the person of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode as unnecessary as it was foolish.  “You are contemplating a warrant for a man who developed Lagos with all his energy and resources? If they in the Assembly are blind, we in the North are not; we pray for Ambode and we will defend him with all our might”, he stressed.

In a rather unpopular move, the Obasa led Lagos State House of Assembly threatened to sanction Ambode and four Commissioners for the purchase of 820 mass transits buses. The mass transits buses are already in use and serving Lagosians very well. The buses were part of the strategic approach by Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode to rid Lagos of the filthy and unhealthy “Molue” menace.

Mallam Nuhu said further that his forum would issue a 7 day ultimatum for the Assembly men to withdraw their threat or face a 1 million man-match. “They cannot continue to subvert the will of the people with impunity “, he stated.

In another development a cross section of the Lagosians have warned against impending implosion of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Party because of the perceived internal fighting.  One of them said “Who are they fighting? Ambode who is an APC man? This is not PDP versus APC; you can see how power drunk some people can be!”

The Lagos House of Assembly, an all APC members are believed to be teleguided and remote controlled from somewhere deep in the State. Some say-and with credible evidence that they have not done any meaningful programme since being sworn in other than pursuit of Ambode.