Refuse To Give Up! Grab Your Desire—Online Preaching


This week brethren, I bring to you cheerful news: that you can actually escape the grim situations of life. All it takes is being aware of it. Your enemies are not those you see; they are principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this world…emphasis this “world”.

Part of their strategy is to strike you with “fiery” darts out of “wickedness”. And watch this: they have eyes! And hardly do they miss their targets! But without much ado, be informed that they can hurt you real bad and cause not only frustration but depression as well! So you have to fight your way out. Hear this: In Jeremiah 5 v. 25, the bible actually says: “among my people are found wicked men, they lay in waiting, set a trap and catch men”. How do you “catch” a man? By simply frustrating and aborting all his intended moves!

When a man owes house rent for years and cannot feed his family, such a man is already caged.   The mystery becomes compounded when you are trapped by fake prophets and pastors. These are terrible miscalculations in themselves. Somebody capitalizing on your misfortune to profit! In Jeremiah 5 v. 31 the bible says “the prophets prophesy falsely and the priest bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so; asking “what will you do in the end thereof”? Good question.

In verse 30 the bible concludes “a wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land”! Are you already a victim of these mysterious circumstance?  Wise up now. Don’t treat these matters with kid’s glove; the enemy is not your friend, and you can be sure, he is out to deal squarely with you. If not to inflict a death blow on you.

The solution is for you to launch a counter attack; go on your knees and cry to God. The bible says when you cry to God He will hear you. Why waste time going after people who are out to deceive you and prolong your sufferings? Pray to God; carry out fasting and prayers; fix a 7 days night vigil and see the wonderful results. 

The Bible says: “are you afflicted? Proclaim a fast”; In Isaiah 45 v. 22 God says “Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth, for am God and there is none else”. Rejoice; now you know the truth. Go and possess your possessions this week, Amen.