Rape Saga: Doubts Appear over Dakolo’s Rape Claim on Fatoyinbo


Two months after Busola Dakolo’s rape claim against Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo, Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Church (COZA) cracks have begun to appear.  When the accusation first broke out in June, the backlash against the stylish COZA lead Pastor was so intense that church members barricaded the entrance to both Lagos and Abuja Church premises.  It did not take long for him to succumb to one of their demands to step down from the pulpit.

But then reporters attached to Newspaperman went to town and began a discreet investigation into the affair.  First, the team discovered a “loophole” in Busola’s claim of being raped “repeatedly”, noting that the same person cannot be “raped” repeatedly, unless there must have been some sort of “collaboration” or “cooperation” in place; something like a paddy paddy affair.

Secondly, Fatoyinbo must have been extremely “crazy”, “reckless” and “bold” to have dared to “rape” Busola in her family house – knowing that Busola’s elder sister was sleeping somewhere upstairs!  Our reporters posited that no one – least of all one who was about to commit a crime – would have dared to take such dangerous risk – knowing the consequence of being caught–unless there was an enabling atmosphere in place to warrant such “erotic” assault!

In addition, our reporters found out that without a “close relationship” in place, Fatoyinbo would never have dared to come to Busola’s house let alone going ahead to “rape”  a lady he had no formal relationship with and more so – without being armed!

Digging further, our reporters discovered that a victim who is about to be raped must at least “shout”, which is not the case here! There was no struggle, no complain – from friends or family until 20 years after!  Suddenly it is out in the open that Fatoyinbo had tricked a matured lady and raped her – repeatedly! What a lovely story for the birds.

Definitely, as the Newspaperman discovered, there may be some other motives yet to be established from Busola’s people; but as the story stands today, Fatoyinbo is clearly a victim!