Pdp Must Rebrand Under Credible Leadership—Committee.


Another call has gone out for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to rebrand under a new leadership. The call, re-echoed  last week in Abuja, the Federal Capital, when a group, called, Alliance for Professional Committee(AFPC) demanded for credible leadership under the guidance of senator Victor Kassim Oyofo who they say is the most loyal and committed member left to guide the party to victory come 2023.

The committee’s leader Alphonso Ayodeji reiterated the importance of having a new generation of leaders. “The old brigades have fully compromised themselves”, he charged. “We can’t have those people any more at the helm; where are all those that lost out in the last elections? They have gone because they have nothing more to gain.” Mr. Alphonso specifically called on Senator Victor Kassim Oyofo to come out and lead the PDP since the APC is floundering and about to capsize. “The APC cannot make it in 2023; we need senator Oyofo who has not soiled his hands to step in now”, he told our reporters.

The committee leader was disgusted about the previous dubious practice of nominating “friends”, “associates” to lead PDP during campaigns and warned that it was corruption that undermined the old PDP. “PDP should be seen as a party for Nigerians and it should be”, he stressed. “Gone are the days when we have leaders who are not only myopic but sectional”, he added. According to him, this is why despite the presence of leaders like Jonathan Good luck, the party is in limbo.