Pdp Governors Planning Defection Are Serving Their Interest—Youth Leaders.


Youth Leaders from the South-South under the coalition of Committee for Patriotic Governance (CFPG) have lashed out at the planned defection of some PDP governors from the South East to the ruling APC party. The youths speaking through their leaders Alhaji Yakubu Rilwanu regrets the absolute lack of self-control as exhibited by these governors. “They have not exhibited maturity; neither provide leadership; all that they are doing is play politics with our lives”, he declared. Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has led the way and, as is being speculated, a boyish-looking governor from the same South East is soon to follow. “They think that Nigerians are fools; having served for eight years, the next thing is for them to try the possibility of becoming vice-president “revealed Alhaji Rilwanu. “Nigeria is not a gamble; if they are not ready to provide leadership, they should simply quit the stage”, he continued. The coalition which met in Benin City deliberated the widening gulf between elected governors and their subjects arguing that they are so far removed from their presence. They also debated the seeming abdication of responsibility by playing gods. “Look at the state of our roads; they are now a haven for kidnappers and robbers”, they said, warning that elected governors must perform or resign. “It is obvious, we can’t continue like this in our society; the rot is getting too much and we must put a break”, they insisted. They argue further that under the APC administration, things have never been so bad. “How can our governors be planning for 2023 when there is nothing on ground to show for all the allocations given to them?” they also queried. The youths point to the inflamed tension in the land as a result of the inability of farmers to access their farmlands for fear of being killed. They also point to the insensitivity in allowing infrastructure to decay to the dangerous level of being a bobby trap for bandits. “We are particularly distressed that our roads are now death traps, with nobody doing anything about it”, they announced. Many of the roads in the South-South are nothing to write about. A good number of them have not been touched in the last 5 years making them nightmares for road travellers. Sometimes, passengers spends as much as 10 hours on these rods for a journey of 4 hours. “Now the worst is the loss of lives through accidents” lamented the Youths. Recently, a popular politician from the South East lost his wife and five others in a tragic motor accident. “We don’t want to talk about those who suffer irreparably in the hands of robbers or those kidnapped who end up paying heavy ransoms”, said Alhaji Rilwanu. Yet, there is a government in place with no one getting caught or punished!