PDP: Beware Of The Banana Peels Of The Past.


The PDP is a large and refined political party that nurtures real democracy. But the party’s fortunes nosedived in the years and months leading to the 2015 General Elections when the leaders began practicing politics of imposition/ exclusion for themselves and their cronies.  It was routine then to see the same set of people occupying sensitive positions again and again.

A close check would reveal they were either nephews, in-laws, cousins or stooges. Now that PDP is coming alive again with injection of lively actors the same mistake must not be made. Browsing through the various election committees set up would further reveal starkly the repetition of specific names.

The young generations have come of age. The PDP should spread out. Uche Secondus and Col. Akubundu should take note—especially now that the renegades have decamped. They must not forget the slippery banana peel. It lurks in the corners—waiting to pounce again.