Part Two: Why Oshiomole should not be allowed access to Edo State Treasury


On this second serial on why Oshiomole should never again lay hold of Edo State government treasury, we shall be looking at his character, vision and leadership qualities. We shall also be looking at his ideology, blueprint for democratic governance—if any—his ethics and potentials. These would form the basis for accessing his programmes and activities so far as representative of Edo State at the Federal level. First let us go back to his days as labour leader in the days of military regime. At first, he did well by showing guts. He also displayed his strong oratorical prowess by using his booming voice to great advantage. But after many rounds of demonstrations Nigerians began to notice a character trait-a pattern that suggested something deceptive–like taking Nigerians for a ride. Nigerians would prepare to go on strike the next day, but at night, a secret discussion had taken place involving Oshiomole and his colleagues and then the announcement: no more strike! Nigerians would come to know later that “something” had exchanged hands in the night benefitting only Oshiomole and his henchmen. That puts him in the shape of a “deal” man. When he showed interest in governing Edo State, he had large supporters because people were fed up with the then administration of the Igbinedions who had performed below expectations. He won through the courts and became the governor. His first four years was glorious, but his next four was a complete disaster. He presided over the affairs of Edo State as if he was a labour leader brushing aside any opposition, removing the roof of the Assembly, hijacking Assembly men to hold deliberations in government house, introducing thugs, exploiters, all kinds of levies, taxes, and penalties. Then fewer people—those associated with him began to amass wealth to the detriment of the general public. By the time of his departure, it was clear that his was a one man show. In his second tenure, he allowed complete deterioration of all the State infrastructures. Nothing showed the displeasure of Edo people than the famous Textile Mill road left to decay.  No sooner he left than he began plotting the removal of Chief John Odigie Oyegun—a Benin man– as the National Chairman of the APC. The intrigues, subterfuge eventually culminated in his forceful removal and then began a reign of terror. Thinking that he was the president of Nigeria, he took on Established Institutions; harassed Bukola Saraki to no end; he appeared on television, using gutter language to express himself; he let it be known that even it means using undemocratic means, he would remove Saraki as the senate president. The watershed of his brutal approach to civil governance was in his naked and unwarranted abortion of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode second term ambition. This was a guy full of life, energy and performance; that was never the concern of Oshiomole; the young man’s political ambition was cut short and Oshiomole moved on to another disastrous programme. An Igbo proverb has it that “when the he-goat is drunk, he may take his mother for a sex partner”. That was the case with Oshiomole in taking on Obaseki—his own State governor, a member of the APC and another Benin man—where he was presiding as chairman! That proved costly though. Obaseki had seen the hand writing on the wall unlike Ambode who didn’t. This vindicates another Igbo proverb that says “a bird that knows when a bullet is shot is not likely to be killed”. What did Obaseki do to him? A man who cannot forgive carries a huge burden; that was his problem. Today, with Oshiomole out of position, he is now locked in a mortal combat with his arch enemy. But he is already a fish out of water! Now it is pitiable seeing a once powerful former national chairman struggling in the streets of Benin trying hard to wear a new garment; but he cannot wash away a self-inflicted falsehood. Watching him peddle lies and laboring to convince people that black is actually white, the image of a lost traveler came flooding back. This man lacks vision; he has no mission; he lacks integrity and clearly no ethics. He cannot be relied on and has no ideology for anybody—not Edo State. There is no blueprint in saying that his candidate will implement his simple agenda; he doesn’t even have a political mandate. There is no short or long term plan in his actions or utterances. His voluptuous appetite for illicit wealth shows he has no potentials and cannot advance the course of anything—even himself with no stable family. Instead, his actions exposes him as opportunistic by promoting only those close to him—including his brother Sedi. Oshiomole is a man who cannot sacrifice for the State—except himself. That explains his expansive vulgar empire built in the heart of Iyamho—where many people are homeless! The curse of the APC is having a man like him to lead. It is understandable that elected members from that State are lining up behind him. Yes, they are selfish, hapless and visionless. The might of the people will prevail on that day, September 19, and they will all be flushed out. Enough of this selfish driven -politics; if you claim to represent the people, you must be ready to sacrifice and give your best.  The people of Edo State must go out on that day and vote out Oshiomole. On that day we should all put the seal and put the final nail on the coffin of those who want to bring back thuggery, exploiters, instability, poverty and sickness. The wealth of Edo State belongs to all—not to one man Oshiomole!