Part 3: Why Pdp Will Win Edo State: History & the Social Media Influence


The Lagos and the “Oto-ge” factors wouldn’t have amounted to much had the social media not been fully developed. The news media has now been dramatically revolutionalised. Unlike before when it takes until 9 o’clock news to hear anything worthwhile. Not so now; these days, news has gone real-time—and viral. It is now practically impossible to hide evil. The rapid expansion in technological innovations has made it possible for communication to move from 0ne to the troubled 5G technology.

The implication is that people can now simultaneously read, write, see and respond in hard text, audio and visual comments. They can even post a photograph and spread information faster as they occur and receive feedback. Distance is no barrier. That’s what made it possible to track down the likes of “Gandollars” and “helicopter” shooting governor. It is crazy, with everyone having android phones and data affordable there is no hiding place for criminals—or would-be conspirators.

Moreover, history is not in favour of the APC retaining Edo State. The reason is that the reign of godfatherism has come full circle. Consequently, all dictatorial tendencies are viewed with revulsion including tyranny. The spread of corruption also alarmed the populace. The ongoing revelations in NDDC with people now calling for the sack of Godswill Akpabio wouldn’t have been possible without the social media. The attempted arrest of the former NDDC Managing Director Joy Nunie would also have gone unnoticed. The Edo elections is going to be the end of tyranny.

The reason is not farfetched. Quickly a run down to this crucible would suffice. In the titanic tussle between George Akume and Ortom in Benue State, he, Akume, the acclaimed godfather of Ortom lost in the battle. Ortom had crossed over to another party just like Obaseki and he was the incumbent. In Akwa Ibom, Emmanuel Udom fought a bitter war with Godswill Akpabio who was his godfather; again Udom won and he was the incumbent; in Cross Rivers State, the battle between Ben Ayade and his estranged godfather Liyel Imoke, he smote him with the edge of the incumbency sword; move over to Abia State where Theodore Orji was godson to Orji Kalu who sought to dethrone him but got his fingers burnt. Theodore Orji was the incumbent.

Can we forget the herculean battle between Aliyu Wammako and his godson in Aminu Tambuwal? What about Anambra State where incumbent governor Willie Obiano upstaged Peter Obi his godfather? What about the very Gandollar himself in Kano who fought and won his former godfather in Kwankwanso? In all of this, the incumbency factor played a key role. Most recently in the case of Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, Oshiomole had declared that he would not secure second term ticket; but at the end he did—despite the opposition against him.  When Diri was declared winner, Oshiomole thundered “he will not be sworn in”. Today, we all know better.

The wind of change has begun, and this history will not terminate in the Obaseki versus Ize Iyamu case. It is unfortunate, but the APC promised change mantra has been exposed for what it is: a big hoax! To cap it all, nearly all the APC governors will either withdraw or pay lip service to the APC campaign. They have nothing to gain by dethroning one of their own. The President has nothing to lose too.

Sources say he wasn’t in any way please with the way Oshiomole handled the Obaseki issue. He wanted reprieve for him just like former governor Ambode, but Oshiomole wanted to prove tough. This also angered the Northern Oligarchy too because they feared that Oshiomole was becoming too powerful. Above all, a win for APC is a return for Oshiomole –and this is considered anathema within the APC inner circle.