Part 3: The Opportunities Open To Godwin Obaseki/Shaibu


Ahead of the September governorship polls the biggest opportunity open to the duo is to bury once and for all the ghost of godfatherism—and other political adversaries. Edo State have been under the throes of godfathers with primordial tendencies and now is the time for Godwin Obaseki and his fiery deputy to wrest control from them. Another opportunity is for them to restore sanity and humanity to smooth governance, Edo State need more than ever purposeful government—not the pathetic type sponsored by the unrelenting Adams Oshiomole who has shockingly exposed himself as an enemy of the people for spearheading the disqualification of a governor with character and performance in favor of one whose character is well known.

Again, this is an opportunity for Obaseki to lead the Benin’s out of bondage—from the Luciferian era of callousness, unbridled corruption and massive plundering of State resources. He must show that there is law and order in our democracy—that Edo State is the credo of  civilization—not a concentration camp like those in Austwitch, Berkenau, Bergen-Belson run by depraved outlaws. An Igbo proverbs says “nobody is superior to the chief priest in his own shrine”, meaning Obaseki must show that the power of incumbency works. He should not be intimidated by the “Gandollars”, Supreme court” or “helicopter shooting” campaigners for APC. They are governors like him and have nothing to show. He must not show fear.  “The effort of a native doctor are countered by another native doctor” argues another Igbo proverb. If the APC gandollars are coming with Federal might, he Obaseki should come with the formidable Peoples might—work with every sector, the press, the NGO’s, civil society organizations, etc.

This is democracy—not demo CRAZY! Obaseki must not allow violent people take his possession by force. This is an opportunity for him to put on his girdle to make sure that the APC flotilla coming are not stronger than him. He should spare no effort to lampoon their character before the world; that’s how to play politics. On the part of the deputy governor, this is an opportunity for him to show that he is indeed more popular than Gani Audu. This is the opportunity for him to consolidate.

Finally, both of them must ensure that Oshiomole does not return back to power through any door—whether front or back; otherwise, it is nunc dimitiz for them. Obaseki was once called a tiger; now is the time to prove that fact—so also is his deputy described as the “Spiderman” from Jattu for his prowess in mustering surprise comeback attacks against perceived enemies. So when the “tiger” and the “lion” from Iyamho meet at the forest—for that is what Edo Election is going to be—they must have mutual respect for each other.