Part 1: Why Pdp Will Win Edo State: The Esan Deciding Factor


As the run down to the September 19 governorship elections heightens one factor will speak clearly in favour of the PDP is the Esan factor. Few people are yet to look at this indelible juicy angle. The fact remains that a victory for APC pastor Osazee Ize Iyamu would spell doom for the Esan people whose turn it is to produce the next governor. It stands to reason that if Obaseki wins, he has only four years to spend which is the added advantage the Esan people need. But Pastor Osazee Iyamu would never be contented with serving only one term!  This is the first seed of victory for the Obaseki led PDP. So by this simple calculus, it is not difficult to see that the APC is already in deep waters. The voting pattern in Nigeria has never gone without permutations.

The APC has nothing to offer the Esan people and no matter how this is examined it goes two Benin sons contesting. Even if Pastor Osaze Iyamu is an acclaimed grassroots politician, you may quickly discover that there is not about grassroots—but about it is our turn to contest! Though they said it before “Esan…gbedo”, but this time it would count for nothing! At the moment, the rumour mill is agog that certain bigwigs in INEC have been summoned to a popular power base and given marching orders to deliver Edo State to APC. This cannot work in Edo State unless they plan to throw Nigeria into turmoil.

Even with nothing at stake, the PDP boast of two serving senators in their ranks; they also have six of the nine-member House of Reps in their fold. At the last 2016 presidential elections, the APC was seriously trounced. Now they have added baggage in the calibre of persons coming to campaign on their behalf. It promises to be a thriller as the “Gandollars”, “Helicopter flying governor” as well as the “hostage-taking senator” will be featuring in what promises to make a “blockbuster movie” for the likes of Hollywood. Already their posters is flying around in and out of the “the heartbeat of the nation” advertising their ignominious presence. And if the truth be told, there is nothing “Gandollar” and his “Helicopter flying mates” are coming to sell in Edo State other than to “wine” and “dine “and perhaps loot the remaining campaign funds in their fold.