Oshiomole: the hunter became the hunted!


That Adams Oshiomole just sensationally escaped by the whiskers a crushing blow is no reason for celebration.  The reason is simple: old wounds don’t easily heal. If anything, the signs portends danger. Adams Oshiomole inherited a full house; was elected by popular agreement; now he presides over a sharply divided house-a house of intrigues and intra party squabbles. How did this come about?

That’s the big question those backing him should answer. Leadership is supposed to be by example, not by force; if we are practicing democracy, it should be democracy—not the other way round. That’s what got Oshiomole into trouble.

Nevertheless, if Comrade Adams Oshiomole learnt anything at all, it is that his crude tactics has failed woefully.  He served two term as Governor; he brazenly prevented, abruptly terminated otherwise brighter careers that ought to have profited the nation; Comrade Adams rode on politics crudely and played it dirty as if one was in the jungle!

At the end, when confronted with his very own tactics he baulked, shrank and took to flight, begging, prostrating before powerful power brokers for help!  He showed himself to be a complete weakling after all.

Perhaps, to Oshiomole, the fallout from this skirmishes may not yet be clear; but it is to us.  the manner he imposed Oyetola and Ganduje in Osun and Kano States;  The manner he subverted the ambition of the likes of His Excellency’s Akinwunmi Ambode, Rochas Okorocha, Bola Ajimobi, let’s not even mention the crude manner he hunted down immediate past senate president Bukola Saraki. 

In one dispensation, Oshiomole, while addressing the Saraki issue bragged thus: “Whether he likes it or not, we shall remove him by hook, crook or any other means possible”.

Then, recently, as in Bayelsa State, when Governor Diri was installed by the law courts, Oshiomole thundered: “He will not be sworn in”!

But when his turn came, the man who ignored court rulings, struck fear into the heart of his enemies, crumbled like a pack of cards and sought refuge in the very same courts!  What an irony.

This clearly shows depravation, perversion and high degree of arcane selfness!  Oshiomole was clearly ruffled!  He showed fear; he trembled and amidst cold shivers he exposed himself as a mere mortal – and a coward!

So the lesson: what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.  In other climes, his irks would have resigned.  But not here – where you have sit tight rulers.  The question now is how would Oshiomole fit in, in the new dispensation with formidable enemies built around him?  Surely, the last has not been heard!

Under Adams Oshiomole’s leadership, the APC has become one huge conundrum of selfish minded and myopic people who think of nothing but themselves.  While the rest of the world is under the siege of corona virus, the APC leadership is focused on self-aggrandizement with less thought for those who voted them in. 

This is not the way to pilot a party affair; leadership is all about service – not about self.  Ask anyone in Edo State who are the beneficiaries of Oshiomole’s leadership and this will easily point to a handful off his kitchen cabinet namely Clean Agba, Oseni Alamai, Pius Odubu, Ihonvhere, etc.  No more, no less, when his final script is written, these are the people who will congratulate him.