Oshiomole Ramps up Feud with Obaseki Says All Is Not Well


Comrade Adams Oshiomole, the All Progressive Congress (APC) National Chairman has ramped up his feud with the Edo State Governor, accusing him of betrayal. In an interactive session with journalists, in Abuja, Oshiomole detailed how he engaged business mogul Aliko Dangote to help mediate between him and Godwin Obaseki all to no avail.

Oshiomole said he was particularly irked about how Obaseki went about scandalising him because of the moribund Benin Central Hospital project which his administration constructed. He also narrated how Obaseki aborted his attempt to introduce some of his associates to get on board with political appointments.

But in a swift reaction, leaders of the Edo State Peace Forum blasted Oshiomole for playing Ostrich with the extended political class in Edo State. Speaking through their Secretary- General, Rilwanu Yakubu, the group called Oshiomole one of the most selfish political leaders Edo State has ever produced. “Look around Oshiomole, the only people you see are his close (nuclear) associates”.

Rilwanu said “these are the same motley group of people who enjoy government patronage, served as commissioner, minister, majority leader, deputy governor, revenue boss and now joint tax force, it is all too clear”, he stated.

The secretary-General asked rhetorically: “where are people like Igodomigodo, Abass Braimah, and Abdul Oroh?” are they not fit to be named ministers? Why only his own set of people? Rilwanu said further that Oshiomole’s ego would not allow him to see others and even agree to help. “You say godfatherism is dead, and even fought the late Tony Anenih to a standstill; now you want Obaseki to kow-tow your line”, Rilwan charged, adding “this is not possible!”

But in a fitting display of strong character, Godwin Obaseki has cautioned his staffs to ignore Oshiomole henceforth. However, news emerging from the Oshiomole’s corner suggests that he has made up his mind to frustrate Obaseki’s second term bid-a move the Benis are waiting patiently to counter and that could finally sound the death knell of the combative comrade.