Ogbonnaya Onu Favored In the South East Run For 2023 Presidency


With the way and manner, he has conducted himself, snippets of information filtering down the lane are that current Minister for Science and Technology Ogbonnaya Onu is heavily favored to lead the Easterners in the quest for the 2023 presidency. Dr. Ogboinnaya Onu has maintained a close mien and composure since coming to the political limelight. He has largely kept himself away from controversies and pursued his vision with typical zeal and gusto. He has also kept his distance from material acquisition avoiding social circles like a plaque. From early reports gathered Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has been approached in 2013 by a former governor of northern origin, now late and a popular northern chieftain to be the base for the build-up to the 2023 presidency obviously because of the trust they have in him. “Ogbonnaya Onu is reliable and has never been known to rock the boat” disclosed the northern chieftain who prefer spoke on condition of anonymity. The belief out there is that if for any reason the presidency is zoned to the south, Ogbonnaya Onu would surely be the top contender. E has been a governor before; a party chairman and now a two-time minister with extensive administrative experience”, the northern chieftain added. However, a coalition of Journalists has been itching to corner Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu to know his interest; that move has so far not yielded results. For now, the thinking is that Nigeria deserved a better leader who is contemporary balanced and far from ethnoreligious sentiments. The criteria for choosing the next president should not be based on “who was there before”, as the rumor mill is agog with the fact that a former civilian president was being touted to emerge as a favorite candidate. “That move would not be to the interest of the nation”, said a political observer.