Obaseki Or Osaze Iyamu: Who Wins? Watch Out For The Newspaperman Poll.


Next week, the crew of the Newspaperman will conduct an opinion poll randomly in select cities and villages in Edo State to determine at least the popularity of the governorship flag bearers for the APC and the PDP. The electorate have a right to know which way the wind is likely to blow. From experience we know that consumption of salt is not by the level of wealth but the exact quantity that you need.

And again we also know that “a man who is asleep cannot be called as witness in a matter that happened when he was sleeping “; we don’t want to be caught napping. So, we shall be interrogating people from the age of 25 to 45 to gauge their thoughts on who between Obaseki and Iyamu they would prefer. At least we hope to target 500 to 1,000 for credibility sake.  Remember that the honor surrounding a king is determined by the people ruled by him.  Watch out for the results.