Obaseki A Dictator? Anger Trails Tinubu Press Gaffe


Godwin Obaseki was elected democratically as governor of Edo State in 2016 under the platform of the All Progressive Congress Party where Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, holds sway as the undisputed national leader—a position hardliners in the APC say is non-existent. By 2018, a plot was hatched to push out first time former governor of Lagos State in the person of Akinwunmi Ambode; that plot succeeded using former national chairman comrade Adams Oshiomole as front man. In 2020, Obaseki-another first time governor—was picked out again, and put on the chopping block, by the same vicious actors—this time, with comrade Adams Oshiomole leading, while the Asiwaju remained in the background. Whereas in 2018 they branded Ambode as not being a “good party man”, this time when the underground plot to remove Obaseki failed through clandestine means,  Tinubu in frustration , emerged from his hideout, threw away his cover and issued a damning press statement branding Obaseki —a democratically elected governor—as a dictator! That press statement was read in bad faith in many powerful quarters especially by first time governors who must have felt threatened by this new found sinister vocation to turn democracy into “con-democracy!” First, they questioned his rationale  for issuing such a  statement since he was neither the campaign chairman nor the Director-General; they questioned the motive as well, since he was neither the president of Nigeria nor the party chairman. Party hawks within the ranks of APC saw the statement as overreaching and unnecessary. Some actually reasoned that Tinubu was desperately trying to prove relevant having been sidelined in almost all the important party activities and programmes. Issuing that press statement as many have come to conclude is therefore a well-crafted  escape route for him to draw attention—to show that he is still relevant to warrant the omnibus title”: “national leader”. For now, as things stands now, APC first time governors are wary of these evil plots to subvert their authority and as such have washed their hands off anything APC campaign in Edo State. They see the project as “oshiomole and Tinubu’s” racket. They wouldn’t want to be involved in something they know would benefit only the two some with Ize Iyamu left cold. Unfortunately for Oshiomle, Ize Iyamu is believed to be waiting to “hit back” at him for all the insults he so carelessly poured on him. ‘You cannot call somebody a thief, rogue, monster, cultist without severe repercussion” said a public affairs analysts. “Once the election is over rand Ize Iyamu wins, then Oshiomole will see his true colours”, he added. Either way, Oshiomole’s diminishing role in politics will continue unrestrained. His double speak against both Obaseki and Ize Iyamu has already hit the rocks. As for his main godfather in Lagos—the lion of bourdillion—lagosians are waiting for him to make another false move by lining his son Seyi Tinubu for the coveted office of the governor of Lagos State. The battle promises to be herculean with Hamzat current deputy governor also eyeing the slot. Don’t forget that Hamzat belongs to the Babatunde Fashola faction. Above all Ambode’s popularity has continued to soar despite his silence. Lagosians believe more in his outstanding projects dotting everywhere especially his Imota Rice Project which is world class. “A man like Ambode with his sterling qualities can never be a pushover in Lagos”, said Musliu Adebanjo. “Infact, lagosians are routing for him and I won’t be surprised he returns as governor”, he concludes.