Noose Tightens as Obaseki’s Enemies Gear Up For the Final Kill



Fearing heavy defeat at the September polls, the sinister forces and powers of darkness stubbornly after Godwin Obaseki are about to stage their final-and deadly plot—to remove him as an incumbent governor!  Just like he was prevented from contesting the APC primary in June, the plan now is to prevent him from being an incumbent governor going into the last weeks of the September 19 elections! Unfortunately, with the betrayal of the deputy speaker and two others, thus swelling the ranks of the renegades, and with the open support of Abubakar Malami, and the Nigeria Police, the stage is now set for the final onslaught. These wicked powers have reasoned that with Obaseki still in the saddle as governor, the PDP may yet clinch the ticket obviously because the State is traditionally a PDP stronghold. So the calculus is to get him out of the way and straighten the path for an APC “victory”! Therefore more drama is bound to unfold as the “Legislators” are set to impeach the governor with their numerical strength in the coming days! “What started all this”, asked a public analysts Samson Oboh? “Because Obaseki refused to give his godfather money that is why he is after him with such viciousness”, he remarked. “These are wicked people who can swallow the State money and nothing would happen to them; they even built a university in their compound and nobody said anything”, he observed. “So now they have come for what they claim as their birthright-the state treasury”. “They play money politics; they can splash the cash to get what they want; unfortunately, Obaseki cannot spend money”, remarked Samson Oboh. Ironically, one of the biggest complaints against Obaseki is his inability to play ball—to line up the pockets of party boys and girls. “In civilized countries, that’s not the way it should be; but here in Nigeria it is the norm—the practice”, Oboh lamented. “Oshiomole had said that Obaseki does not know how to rig elections; what has he not said? Who troubled him? Oboh noted. Sadly, the Obaseki seem to be losing on many fronts. “Capt. Hosa Okunbor a valuable asset, would have been a strong ally; only God knows what happened before he decamped”, Oboh again observed. For Oshiomole to survive to this extent is another confirmation that politics is a dirty game; you fight with everything you have and eat with both hands, legs, mouth and teeth”, Oboh declared. The move to castrate Obaseki via impeachment is seen as a way to counter the blistering effect of the “Edo no be Lagos” slogan. They know that the prominent actors in the Lagos saga are about to be handed the defeat and disgrace of their career. “So they have to fight dirty, if not to truncate democracy”, said Oboh.  ‘Where is the standpoint of Edo people in all of this? Analysts say, since the arrival of Oshiomole to Edo State for the campaign, and knowing how gullible the people can be with no principles and ideology Oshiomole has been splashing the cash and using propaganda amid massive finance to dazzle the crowd. “This is where I fault the PDP campaign machinery; they are not helping Obaseki at all”. Oboh declared. Otherwise, why is all the media so strongly against Obaseki? Cant Obaseki pay for the press?” he questioned. Nevertheless, since he has gone for broke, this is the time to prove his mettle otherwise after this darkness may enclose. “Let’s give him credit anyway; this guy has never fought this kind of battle before; he is not used to lying; but since he is moving with strange bedfellows, he should have known this day would come”, explained Oboh. “They first slapped him with certificate forgery which they know is all lies, now they are turning the people against him and covering the tracks of the APC candidate who obviously should be the one running helter-skelter.” He added.