Nigerian Job Seekers Groan over Ongoing Secret Recruitments


Nigerian job seekers are in quandary as news about secret employment fill the airwaves. This year 2019 appears to be the worst as recruited applicants are seen undergoing documentation in most Federal Ministries, Department and Agencies. Unlike before when most jobs vacancies are advertised, investigation shows the exact reverse these days.

Further investigation reveals that members of the National Assembly have taken secondary interest in cornering all the available jobs for their siblings, nephews, cousins and associates. “This is an appalling situation we find ourselves”, disclosed an applicant by the name Sunday. “I have been applying for jobs for the past 8years; before I know it, the very place I apply for jobs I see documentation going on”!, he decried. “What’s going on in Nigeria?” another fellow applicant questioned.

The man who gave his name as Stephen Olaleye frowned at this negative trend calling on President Buhari to intervene. Mr. Olaleye said that he learnt that the Central Bank of Nigeria recruited massively recently, hear him; “almost all of those recruited were done secretly and documented silently”! He wondered why his country has drifted this bad without any sanctions. “How would our children fare 20 years to come with only few people from privileged places are getting recruited”, Mr Olaleye asked.

The truth however, as our reporters found out, transparency has since been thrown out of the window. Whereas private sectors advertise, the public sector is now more or less shrouded in absolute secrecy.

With young school leavers increasing each year, and with the political leadership becoming more disconnected you may predict that a bleak future awaits them. “You cannot come out to promise the electorate that your government is going to recruit 500,000 workers and after your election, you recede into your cocoon”, Mr Olaleye declared.

He added that the very essence of inspiring leadership appears to have been abandoned. For now, it is tears, fears and toil for Nigerian Job seekers. BABAJIDE SANWO-OLU CONTINUES TO EXCELL