Nigeria on the Edge: Brave Youths Overcome Fear, Confronts Brutal Repression


The truth is out; Nigeria’s nihilistic leaders have finally exhausted their patience and unleashed one of their most potent weapons—the instrument of fear and death. On Tuesday-registered as a day of darkness for the nation—men suspected to be security operatives marched against defenceless youths marching to express their grievances peacefully for long-overdue change and used live bullets to disperse them killing as many as possible.  The youths were patriotic, singing Nigeria’s national anthem, waving the revered flags; yet they were mowed down horrendously for fighting for their rights; Nigerians the world over are heartbroken, in grief and pains; Nigeria’s security forces are supposed to be fighting a common enemy, but now they have trained their guns bought by –the same taxpayer’s money—against their brothers, the innocent youths. They could have used rubber bullets or water guns as it is done in most civilized countries; the Israelis have fought stiffer opposition against the Palestinians for decades, yet they hardly use live bullets; the puppet regime in Nigeria thought they are isolated from the rest of the world, so that gives them the cover to perpetrate their evil agenda;  The youths wanted an end to all the empty promises made over the years, the rubbish called 7-point agenda, visible police reforms and immediate halt to police brutality; they also kicked against the ruling party’s disdain for their welfare, contempt for their aspirations; they wanted truth and honesty from their entrenched rulers and repeatedly used various outlets to make their demands known. But on this black Tuesday, the tin-gods of the land, the deities who have been a recurrent decimal in the last 80 years of the nation’s history made a fatal mistake to ok the crackdown; they probably thought –as they often do—that they are still living in the past, in the ’60s when the world was still evolving and they could get away with any crime. When the ruling party came, they expressed the desire to take Nigeria to the wonderland; they came up with what they called the “7-point agenda”; just six years down the lane, Nigerians have seen that those promises are nothing but hoax; instead, the nation has been hit by all sorts of epidemic with little or no alternatives. All the ailments associated with third world countries still prevalent: assault on the people’s sensibilities, seizure of their human rights, the spread of poverty, arbitrary arrest, torture, nepotism and absolute impunity. Not that the youths were the hardest hit; but their own future was at stake and they cried severally; there was no one to listen to them; there were no OPC, no Ohaneze, no Arewa, no NANS, no NLC; what then was left? Peaceful agitation. Their demands were legitimate—and within the ambits of the law; but this is Nigeria where youths from certain parts of the country feel indifferent; they are contented with being cheated and subdued by their repressive tin-gods and nihilistic rulers. Tin-gods are a self-important, dictatorial, petty person who imposes ideas, beliefs and standards on subordinates in the position of authority, as an employer, military officer, critic or teacher. They often mistakenly regard them as supernatural beings who must be worshipped because he is the personification of some kind of force. They believe that all values are baseless and are often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical scepticism that tend to condemn natural existence; a true nihilist believes in nothing and has no loyalties and no purpose other than to destroy; a philosopher named Fredrick Nietzsche would argue that nihilist has corrosive effects that ultimately destroy all moral, religious and metaphysical convictions and may even precipitate the greatest crisis ever known –as it is happening right now in Nigeria. Nihilistic themes such as epistemological failure, value destruction, and social failures, attitude indifference are symptoms associated with antifoundationalism. It was the greatest mistake by the Abuja maximum ruler to unleash the security forces against fellow Nigerians. Against the run of play, as it was in 1984 so it is now in 2020—stunted growth—and even worse. Professionalism has been sacrificed in favour of favouritism; those who are supposed to retire are hanging on in spite of all the opposition. This is the same nation where those who are assuming the role of puppet rulers became generals in their late 20’s. How else can the nation grow? The youths say they want employment, better standard of life; instead, they were met with fire; But the good news is here: they overcame their inherent fears and confronted the monsters; they cannot become slaves in their fatherland; and finally this is the message to the entrenched nihilists: the real change has come; no matter the violence and crudity, that change is here to stay! Thanks to the bravery of Nigerian youths.